R&B Neyo Has Another Baby On The Way Days After Divorce Was Ex-Wife Was Finalized

Ne-Yo’s family is growing yet again. The R&B vocalist got in some big trouble last summer after getting a woman pregnant that was not his wife, Crystal Smith. Well, it seems like Ne-Yo is keen to keep this new woman around because they have just gone public with baby #2 on the way. So how many kids does Ne-Yo have in total now?

Last year, Crystal took to social media to expose her husband for cheating on her and getting another woman pregnant. The pair had just renewed their vows a year prior and welcomed another baby, so the news was a shocker to everyone. Crystal immediately filed for divorce, which was finalized last week. In their settlement, Ne-Yo is required to pay her $1.6 million to balance out their real estate holdings. He also has to fork over $20,000 for her moving expenses. Crystal will stay with all four of their homes in Atlanta and get a nice $12,000 child support check for their three children.

Fans will recall that Ne-Yo and Crystal’s relationship began while he was still involved with the mother of his first set of kids, Monyetta Shaw. Shaw had two children with Ne-Yo during their relationship. The “So Sick” crooner then asked her to tie her tubes because he no longer wanted children. Unfortunately, he’s went on to have three kids with Crystal after meeting and falling in love with her at a video shoot.

When news broke of Ne-Yo doing the same thing to Crystal, many did not show her much sympathy online. In fact, they criticized her for taking him from Monyetta. Fans were also critical of Ne-Yo after he asked for privacy with the matter. “Publicly cheating but wants privacy when it comes to light. You want protection for your family, but where was the security of having your wife’s heart?” said one fan.

Ne-Yo recently took to social media to shout out his children, sharing a picture of the newest child he fathered with influencer Sade. Sade also shared some pictures of herself and their son Braiden on social media, turning off comments from fans. It appears Ne-Yo likes his new family and has decided to keep going. Sade took to social media a day ago to announce that she is expecting again. “Coming to terms with the delicate circumstances, when I felt like I just couldn’t take on another load, especially at the expense of another person’s happiness,” she said in the maternity photo. Sade poses alone with her hands under her belly in a sheer beige outfit.

“Wasn’t the easiest decision. However, I have to choose me. Therefore, I have to choose you. The JOY Braiden gives me every day strengthened me & let me know I can do this gracefully.. with love, compassion, and penitence,” she said towards the end. She did not tag Ne-Yo, nor has he shared any of the images, but many are speculating it’s his based on the caption.

Sade does have one pinned post from April of 2022 that still has comments enabled, and fans have been using it to tell her off. “messing around with another woman’s husband and getting pregnant by him… get some self-respect,” said one person.

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