R&B Chris Brown Facing More Financial Issues, Could Lose Home

Chris Brown is still one of the leading entertainers in music. So why is the R&B singer experiencing financial issues? New reports have surfaced saying that the “Loyal” hitmaker could be losing his home soon and could be out on the streets a week after pushing $71 million lawsuit against housekeeper back. Let’s catch up with Breezy and see what’s going on.

Chris Brown is valued at over $50 million, according to some websites. The 33 -year-old has released over nine albums and sold 197 million records worldwide. He currently has the most Billboard Hot 100 entries of all time by a male singer and more top 40 hits than any other R&B vocalist in history. He is also one of the highest-grossing tour acts of all time. Brown’s most recent album Breezy debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200, selling 72,000 copies in its first week. It also earned 87.36 million streams. It spent three weeks in the top 10.

With that kind of success, it makes sense that Chris Brown would have some really big investments as assets. It was reported over several interviews that Brown owns 14 Burger King restaurants. Each location cost him over $50k with a franchise agreement term of 20 years. He also purchased a million-dollar home for his mother when he was only 15 years old. Brown runs a clothing line called Black Pyramid and runs his own record label titled Chris Brown Entertainment.

Chris lives comfortably in a $4.35 million dollar home in Tarzana, CA. The estate has 8,000 sq ft on .75 acres. He purchased this home after living in the Hollywood Hills for years in a $1.5 million dollar home. Brown was run out of the house due to unsightly graffiti murals he added on the property. He was later kicked out of a condo in West Hollywood for excessive noise and unleashed dogs.

Brown most recently took to social media to show off his massive clothing collection. His closet looked like a department store. “I just built a department store outside of my house. Let me show ya’ll what this looks like. Just so ya’ll see, man. So all that fake cap about ya’ll got drip man, come see me! Ya heard me!?”

The video came at a weird time, as it’s being reported that Brown just got hit with a federal tax lien. He is being asked to pay up some serious bread that he owed on taxes in 2022. This includes bills for $2,245,561.50, $1,059,967.78, and $739,067.48. In total, that’s about $4 million. It is being reported that if he does not pay it back, the government will be taking his home as payment.

Fans in the comments speculated that Brown might need a new team because there is no way he should owe that much money. “He must not have an accountant right now because there’s no way they’d let that happen! They’re responsible for paying your taxes,” said one person.

Another fan believes Chris shouldn’t have shown off his massive clothing collection. “See, that’s why we don’t show our closet is bigger than a department store, dang, Chris.”

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