Ray J. Claims He Can’t Get Any Reputable Work In The Entertainment Industry Because Of The ‘Kim Kardasian’ Tape

Ray J has achieved much more than being “Brandy’s little brother” over the years. He’s had success in his music career, on television, on the big screen, and with multiple business ventures. There is little doubt that Ray J’s name should be more than a household name and more about him. However, one event occurred in Ray J’s life fifteen years ago that appears to have sullied many opportunities for him. That would be the infamous intimate tape he shared with reality star and superstar Kim Kardashian.

We’ve seen the “Sexy Can I” singer as a primary cast member of the Love and Hip Hop franchise on VH1 since the tape’s release. Ray J has not only been a mainstay on the franchise and a supporting cast member on some of its spin-offs, but he also serves as executive producer for Zeus Network’s “The Conversation.” For the show, Ray J appeared along with his now-estranged wife, Princess Love, on a 3-part episode.

Outside of those opportunities in television, Ray J has not been as active. According to the entrepreneur, this extends beyond television, however. In a recent interview with Daily Mail that followed his exposing of a lengthy DM exchange with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Ray J was tired of holding back and expressed much of the setbacks he experienced since the tape’s release.  

Ray J shared with the media outlet that he’s always been looked at as somewhat of the antihero in the story due to how he’s been painted. The singer expressed that he’s been unable to be included in “reputable major network television shows” because of the “image” portrayed.   “Because of what they made me, I’m not allowed to be in those places,” he said.

Ray J and Kim Kardashians Dated In 2002

The relationship between Ray J and Kim Kardashian reportedly began in 2002 and ended in 2006. At the time, Kim Kardashian was leaving her relationship with her ex-husband, music producer Damon Thomas. The then-unknown Kardashian was also employed by his famous sibling, Brandy, as her stylist.

In a past interview with VladTV, Ray J expressed that he was indeed in love with Kim Kardashian. Aside from his deep feelings, the Moesha star highlighted the “star quality” he saw within her. Even after breaking up with his reality star ex, Ray J shared his “utmost respect” for Kim Kardashian and her family.

An intimate moment was shared between the then-couple on vacation in Cabo San Lucas in 2003. According to a report from Radar Online, the trip was to celebrate Kim Kardashian’s 23rd birthday. However, what transpired on their camcorder would soon be unleashed to the world in 2007, ultimately shooting Kardashian beyond the stratosphere.

Ray J. Never Leaked The Video

The film, Kim Kardashian, Superstar, was distributed on March 21, 2007, via Vivid Entertainment. According to multiple reports, it would go on to make hundreds of millions of dollars. There have been many speculations as to how the video was released. Kim Kardashian, her family, and their reps have always maintained their innocence with any involvement of it getting out. But Ray J has dropped a significant bombshell, shedding light on what he claims really went down.

In his interview with Daily Mail, Ray J states that he was not responsible for the tape being “leaked.” In fact, he shared that he partnered with his ex-girlfriend and her mother/manager, Kris Jenner, to help release the explicit tape. In addition, Ray J shares that the deal consisted that they would do multiple videos, which they filmed in various locations.

Perhaps this would lead to the rumor that there was another tape that Kanye West made claims to have had. However, Ray J shared that those were just photographs of himself and Kardashian in the interview. The singer’s claims of a leak also match a 2016 claim by Ian Halperin in his book, Kardashian Dynasty.

Kim Kardashian Became An Overnight Celebrity Following Tape Release

While Ray J was vilified throughout the process, Kim Kardashian seemingly skyrocketed into the phenomenon that she is now. In 2007, the Kardashian family began their reign on E! with a high-rated reality show and multiple spin-offs following the tape’s release. In addition, they now have brought their television show to Hulu.  

Kardashian has also built a billion-dollar empire with her many business ventures. This includes KKW Beauty, Skims, and video games. And while Ray J has had incredible success as well, it, unfortunately, fails in comparison.

Ray J Has A Net Worth Of $14 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ray J boasts $14 million. This is perhaps due to his work in film and television, as he still collects royalties. The reality star also launched a cannabis line in 2019 called “Ray Jays,” according to TMZ, into which he invested $5 million of his money.  

Ray J also co-founded Raycon in 2017, which produces various electronics, including earbuds. He’s also the creator of Raytroniks, which manufactures electronic scooters known as the “Scoot-E-Bike.” The Jasmine Brand also reports that Ray J is gearing up to debut his own streaming service, for which he is already filming content. 

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