Rasheeda and Kirk Frost Are Celebrating Nearly 22 Years Of Marriage, But People Can’t Let Go Of An Infidelity That Happened Six Years Ago

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost stopped by The Breakfast Club this week to talk about their 22-year marriage. The Love & Hip-Hop stars opened up by saying that some people do not understand the level of trust, respect, and forgiveness that couples have at that level of marriage. They understand that the public might only remember some of the more polarizing parts of their union, like the cheating and fights, and humiliation. However, Kirk says he is happy they have shared their relationship with the world and claims that men have approached him and thanked him, citing his and Rasheeda’s story for helping them realize how they can salvage their own marriages and make things better with their wives. Rasheeda claims people still talk about Kirk fathering a child outside their marriage like it happened yesterday. “It’s been six years,” the bubble gum rapper stated.

Fans in the comments agreed, but for a different reason. “Absolutely. They laid the foundation for what I do NOT want,” said one follower. Another said, “get what she’s saying, but I refuse to believe you have to go through that much humiliation before a man honors the marriage.”

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost Early Years

Rasheeda and Kirk met in the early ’90s, reportedly marrying in 1999. Some claim that she was still a minor when they met, with others even alleging that Kirk adopted Rasheeda when she was 15, and he was seven years her senior. Kirk released a video a few years ago denying these rumors.

Kirk and Rasheeda The Power Couple

Rasheeda was a successful rapper locally in Atlanta and has popped up in videos over the years for Ciara and Ludacris. Kirk came on board as her manager. Outside of his work with Rasheeda, he has also established several other artists and businesses. He owns a record label called D-Lo Entertainment which he started with Rasheeda as his signature act. He then signed Da Kaperz and even rapped on one of their earlier songs. Kirk Frost found some success in consulting as well, helping artists land major syncs on films like Paul Blart: Mall Cop and CSI: Miami. Kirk and Rasheeda also own a restaurant called Frost Bistro in Atlanta and Pressed Boutique with locations in Atlanta and Houston. The Frosts invested in real estate in the Bahamas too. Rasheeda is looking to get into the fitness world and has a digital workout video scheduled for release later this year. The “Marry Me” hitmarker told Forbes that it is all about being forward-thinking and pushing the limits of what people believe you can do.

Love & Hip Hop Put Their Relationship On Full Display For The World To See and Judge

After achieving success locally, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost took their talents to television in hopes of increasing their brands visibility. While they did succeed in this, it came at a cost, as the couple’s drama soon took center stage. Kirk and Rasheeda constantly accused each other of cheating, something they’ve both confessed to actually doing later on. Kirk even demanded a paternity test when Rasheeda got pregnant. According to reports, Rasheeda reportedly only got pregnant in an attempt to salvage the marriage following his cheating scandal in season 3 of LHHA. Fans of the show were livid and even more confused when Rasheeda decided to stay in the marriage. The pair share two children, Ky and Karter.

In one episode, Kirk famously filmed a hot tub scene with Bambi that upset everyone, including Nicki Minaj.who called him out for embarrassing his wife on national television. Rasheeda’s mom ran over his bike with a car when she learned about the news of him expecting a baby with a woman named Jasmine Washington.  

Kirk Frost’s Baby With Jasmine Washington

Jasmine Washington is the woman at the center of one of Kirk’s cheating scandals and the mother of his youngest son. As we previously mentioned, their union resulted in a child that Kirk initially denied. He eventually copped to fathering the boy, named Kannon. At one point, Jasmine Washington accused Kirk Frost of putting Love and Hip Hop before their son. Kirk responded to Jasmine’s accusations, claiming she wanted him to be around like they’re in a relationshup. Jasmine and Rasheeda has also had their share of issues. Prior to Love and Hip Hop, Jasmine Washington was a stripper from White Plains, NY, who has been able to turn the spotlight into a career as an influencer and model, with several appearances on the reality show.

How Rasheeda and Kirk Overcame Their Lowest Point To Survive 22 Years

Rasheeda has gone on record stating that the drama actually helped strengthen her bond with Kirk. “I think not only has it made me stronger but it’s also made our foundation stronger,” she told news outlets. She has defended her decision over the years to stay with him and while reflecting on their 22 year marriage, it seems Rasheeda is very happy with her decision. She feels that going through everything so publicly forced them to really address it since they could not hide. Rasheeda feels it made their lowest points a testimony and pushed them to be an even better couple. “We were supposed to live our life transparently. That’s what we signed up for, and that’s what we did.”

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