Rapper Young M.A. Sparks Health Concerns After Appearing Unwell In New Video

A video of rapper Young M.A. looking sick has hit the internet and has everyone concerned. The rapper has maintained a pretty low profile since topping the billboard charts back in 2016. In the years since she has scored some buzzworthy hits but nothing on the level of “OOOUUU.” Throughout the last few months, there’s been some speculation surrounding the rapper’s health. Today, a new video has gone viral that has fans very concerned.

In a viral clip, Young M.A. can be seen in the barber chair getting ready for a haircut. In addition to her hair looking pretty disheveled, the rapper noticeably looked sad, and her eyes appeared to be yellow. She looked up at the camera and nodded her head in disapproval before the barber spun her around one time. Moments later, he revealed a much fresher-looking M.A. who seemed to be in better spirits after getting her do together. The video immediately went viral across social media with fans sharing their concerns for the rapper. This was the first time fans seen the rapper online this year.

Most people seemed transfixed on the before and felt like something was wrong with Young M.A. “Oh, Young MA. That just broke my heart. I hope she’s ok,” said one person. Another person said, “Whatever Young Ma has going on right now.. doesn’t require your judgment. Only your prayers,” before signing off as “the black ‘remember what ya’ll did to Chadwick’ Community.” Lloyd Banks also chimed in, saying that the barber was wrong to record her while she was clearly going through something. The rapper also asked why would anyone record someone who’s going through something, just to receive ‘some kind of weird gratification.’

The rapper’s barber took to Instagram to respond to the criticism he received for posting the video. Young MA’s barber who goes by the name of fatsdabarber blasted fans for suggesting he was trying to embarrass the rapper by share the video. According to FatsDaBarber he and Young MA have been friends for a long time and it was her first time getting a haircut in months. The barber suggested people use their energy to pray rather than spread false narratives. “What y’all need to do is just send your prayers for her and that’s that, ” he stated.

After the video went viral, another person resurfaced a video of Young M.A. back around Christmas using a wheelchair to get around the supermarket. “So look, I found Young M.A. in the grocery store,” the woman said before turning the camera to show M.A. in an electric wheelchair shopping cart. She is also clutching a cane between her legs. Some people expressed concerns for her, while others felt the lady recording was in the wrong. “This is disgusting just recording and posting people going about their business without permission. Let’s do better, people.”

M.A. seems to be doing ok. In her story, she reshared the barber’s response and equated her ill look to four months with no haircut. Despite various rumors the rapper has not announced any news regarding her health.

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