Waka Flocka Has A Question About Marriage and Divorce

Waka Flocka Flame has a serious question that might shake the table. The hitmaking Atlanta rapper and star of the series Waka & Tammy posed a question to his followers on his Instagram Stories that has many fans talking. What are some women’s intentions that seek out partners and/or get married, but it ends in divorce? On his Instagram Stories, the “No Hands” rapper shared a post seemingly specifically asks women the following question: “How y’all wanna be married and don’t split the bills, but get a divorce and want half of his stuff?”  

Many blogs like The Neighborhood Talk captured his post and shared it on their platforms allowing other fans to chime in. For a long time, the narrative has been that men are the head of the household, with some women adopting the belief that they should be kept. Over the years, depictions of this very narrative have often been shared in the entertainment industry. 

“Bill collector’s at my door. What can you do for me?” sang Gwen Guthrie on the anthemic 1986 single “Ain’t Nothin Goin’ On But The Rent.” The song highlighted the materialistic lifestyle that many women tend to adapt to. “I’ve got responsibilities. So I’m lookin’ for a man who’s got money in his hands,” she continues to sing. Guthrie also vocalizes that a “fly girl” such as herself needs “security.” But perhaps the most famous line exists from the song besides its title. “You’ve got to have a J-O-B if you want to be with me.”

Perhaps you weren’t born in that era or aren’t familiar with that song. So maybe you have heard the Destiny’s Child 1999 chart-topping hit, “Bills, Bills, Bills.” The Kandi Burruss written piece is about a woman who at first is enticed by and falls for a man who claims that he has his finances in order. But after a period of spoiling her with the finer things and taking her places she’d never been, the man flipped the script and no longer did that activity. Thus, the relationship was through.

In 2010, Teairra Mari released a single called “Sponsor,” which featured rappers Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy. The song glorifies the culture where a woman is financially provided for or constantly showered with gifts. “He put them low profiles on my car. He treat me to a pedi plus manicure. Anything that I ask for from my sponsor, he go and bu-bu-buy buy,” she sings.

The comment section for The Neighborhood Talk’s resharing of Waka Flocka’s question was divided. Still, some fans admitted that they never thought of the outcome like that. “Ion even like him, but he has a point,” wrote one user. Another wrote, “That’s a great question that I just don’t have the answer to, sir.” But there were others that were not trying to hear this question being posed. “Because you’re the provider, period,” one fan commented. Another shared, “I just want things for my time wasted.”

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