Rapper Trouble’s Female Friend Remains Unidentified, While More Details Regarding Her Previous Relationship Is Released

Fans of rapper Trouble have been coping with his loss this week after it was revealed that he had been be involved in a senseless act. As new information emerges on the altercation, fans are looking at his female friend sideways, following the reveal that she has some connection to his final moments. 

Trouble’s Music Career

Trouble was an Atlanta-based rapper born Mariel Semonté Orr in 1987. His debut mixtape December 17th dropped in April of 2011. Complex magazine ranked it as one of the top mixtapes of the year. Collaborations with Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka Flame, Lupe Fiasco, and more followed as he built his name in the industry. He would eventually score a record deal with Mike Will Made It’s Ear Drummer Records under Interscope. His last release was 2020’s Thug Luv. 

The Night of Trouble’s Passing

On June 5th, Trouble was involved in a home invasion and incident that claimed his life. He was in the home of a female companion in the Rockdale County area of Atlanta when her estranged boyfriend charged the property and shot him in the chest.  The man was later identified as Jarmichael Jones. Jones had been dating the unidentified woman for some three years before they split a week prior. According to the statement she gave police, they had argued about him not having a job or contributing to her financially. Following the argument, the unidentified woman claims he attacked her, which led to her calling 911. However, she chose not to file a police report because he fled the scene. According to the report, that was the last time he had been home. Unfortunately, it appears the estranged boyfriend returned one week later, while Trouble and the woman were asleep in her bed which led to the untimely passing of the Atlanta rapper.

Jamichael Jones Turned Himself Into Custody

Jarmichael Jones turned himself in less than 72 hours later. He reportedly called his mother, who then convinced him to turn himself in. They agreed to meet at a nearby hospital. The Rockdale County Sherriff spoke with news outlets and said, “I don’t believe that he’s expressing any remorse right now, but we can tell based upon his impression and body language that he is feared. I believe that’s some of why he decided to turn himself in.”  Jarmichael attended a hearing today which resulted in the judge denying his bond.

Trouble’s Last Instagram Addressed A Woman

Fans have been combing through social media to see if there were any signs of what was to come hidden in plain sight. Trouble’s last Instagram post was him addressing the complex politics of dating and how sometimes people do not realize that they might be dating within the same circles. Ironically he starts the video by saying that he does not care about a woman’s past once she starts dating him. He says that women sometimes have several guys they are dating and do not realize that those gentlemen might be friends. While Trouble claimed he did not shame women, he also said he was not above asking a girl to stop if he liked her. “Do do that no more, dead serious. You gotta keep it gangsta with them. And if she can’t stop, just go on about your business, lady.” 

A few days before that, he shared a post about the Uvalde, Texas victims and wanting to return to God. “29 innocent victims in 7 days! 19 children & 10 OGs gunned down FOR NOTHING!! 😔 As I’m sittin here thinkin dawg I have no answers But I do feel as if we need to return to the BIG GOD‼.️” In his last tweet, he complained about there being too many cops out and him wanting to just go home.

Trouble Will Be Missed

While the justice system begins the process of bringing some clarity to Trouble’s final moments, his friends and family have been on social media expressing their sadness at his loss. He was very close to Boosie, Monica, and others.  Boosie took to Twitter to express how hurt he was and how he had fond memories of Trouble and his daughter playing. “u lifted me up when I was down. I just cried to you a couple weeks ago on the phone,” he said in his tweet.  In a post on IG of her and Trouble smiling, Monica prayed for comfort and peace to everyone devastated by his loss. “May God comfort everyone who’s heart is hurting ! It’s 4ever … in your words It’s 4Life and Afta….” Meek Mill said, “And I woke up to rip Trouble…. Everybody texting, be careful! Smh rip fam!!!!” The night before, he had just warned his followers, “Aint no telling what tomars news is.” 

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