Rapper T.I. Reveals Why His Son King Harris Was Taken Into Custody Last Week

New information is emerging about rapper T.I’s son and the arrest that had him in the headlines a few weeks ago. People have been curious to know what the teen did and how serious it all was. Father T.I even jumped on Live at one point to dismiss speculation and throw up his hands, revealing that King Harris has been on his own self-destructive path for some time now. Today, details have been revealed about why he was taken into custody and who was in the car with him.

King was born Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III on August 25th, 2004. He is T.I and Tiny’s eldest biological child together, although they have older children from different relationships. King has been in the spotlight since a young age, thanks to his family’s long history of reality television programs dating all the way back to mom’s BET series Tiny & Toya. King is known for his colorful personality and has grown up in the public eye. He a rapper like his dad, under the name Kid Saiyan, and is a social media influencer.

The 18-year-old was pulled over and taken into custody on August 13th while on his way to vacation. At the time, all that was revealed was a mug shot that people immediately began clowning online. King jumped on his social media accounts to defend himself, letting people know he is not trying to be a gangster and is just living his life. “Another thing, when was it said that gangstas have to do this with police? Y’all stop this s***. Gangsta or not, Black or white or not, it don’t matter. The police pull ya over, you’re pulled over. You ain’t gotta be gangsta,” he said in his rant. King was also upset that nobody was promoting his new music and instead focusing on his legal issues. “All y’all lame blogs! How about y’all post that music video I just dropped? Y’all wanna post [me] going to jail […], how about you post that new video?”

His father T.I immediately took to social media following the arrest to discuss public outcry for him to be a “better parent.” T.I tells fans that he and Tiny have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes on their son, but unfortunately, the boy is going to do what he wants. “If he gotdamn keep that shit up, he’s going to prison. Ain’t no way around it, ain’t nothing I’mma be able to do about it,” T.I lamented. “‘Cause I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s going to turn out,” he said while interacting with fans.

Tiny has yet to speak on the incident. Her last post of her boy was a birthday post for him celebrating his 18th. In the clip, she shared mostly pictures of videos of him when he was younger, possibly alluding to her longing for a time when her baby boy was more obedient. “A son & a mother’s love is something really special! I love this kid with everything in me… Too proud to be your mama… show my twin some love,” she said in the video collage.

T.I has been continuing his comedy pursuits, and in a recent stand-up set, he revealed that his son was arrested with Lil Boosie’s son Tootie Raw. In a hilarious bit from his set, T.I did his best Boosie impression as he revealed that the Louisiana rapper called him up to let him know their boys had gotten into trouble. According to Boosie, the boys got stopped with iron, drank, and some other substances that are hard to make out. Because King took most of the heat for the arrest, Tootie’s involvement is news to many.

Boosie’s son has been in the news before and was involved in some paternity drama when a young lady claimed to have his child recently. His father went into conspiracy mode when he realized the baby looked nothing like his boy and got fans online to help in his witch hunt, eventually revealing that the girl had “borrowed” the baby from some family friends. This resulted in the hilarious Boosie clip when he happily sang on live about not being a granddaddy. Tootie, like King, is also a budding rapper. What do you think the boy’s futures are going to look like at this rate? Should their parents take more responsibility for how they’re turning out?

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