Rapper T.I. Reveals Warner Bros 2 Has Given Green Light For ‘ATL’ Sequel

Lauren London has been reemerging in recent months, following years out of the spotlight raising her family and mourning the loss of Nipsey Hussle. The You People star is now looking to return to the role that kicked off her career. T.I. confirmed that Warner Bros. has greenlit a sequel to her breakout role as New New in ATL. 

ATL is a 2006 coming-of-age comedy-drama set in Atlanta, Georgia. The movie follows a group of young adults figuring out life in the titular city. The characters were based on the real lives of Tione “T-Boz” Watkins and Dallas Austin. It was music video director Chris Robinson’s debut film and was written by Antwone Fisher. T.I. starred as the main character Rashad, a high school senior in his final days of school. It also featured Big Boi, Jackie Long, Evan Ross, and a handful of local ATL rappers making cameos. Will Smith is also listed as a producer on the film. 

Lauren London played the films love interest, New New. Lauren had to pull heavily from T-Boz to play the role and spent a lot of time with the TLC frontwoman perfecting her portrayal. In past interview, Lauren said, “I talked to her about my character… she explained to me how it was when she was young—the attitude and the flavor. And it’s funny, a lot of people say that I act like she used to act at the skating rink.”

Director Chris Robinson said that Lauren brought a great deal of authenticity to the role because she was so new. “She doesn’t know how to lie yet as an actress,” he said about her at the time. The movie has gone on to become a cult classic, with much of its cast becoming staples in popular culture. 

In 2021, the film’s cast reunited for a teaser of what a sequel could look like, much to the fan’s joy. ATL 2: The Homecoming was teased by Chris Robinson on his Instagram with a minute-long clip of the entire cast slowly walking to Ray Charles’s “Georgia” playing. T.I. had originally teased plans to make a part 2 back in 2015, with it taking years to finally get it off the group. “WE DID IT ONE MORE TIME,” Chris Robinson said in the caption. 

Fans in the comments were ecstatic at the time but have grown impatient in the year and a half since the trailer dropped. “Soooo….currently watching the original and still wondering, when is this one coming out??? It’s been over a year since this was released???,” said one person four weeks ago. “You dropped the trailer a year ago 😩😩😩😭😭😭😭 WHENNNNNN can we see the movie @mrrobotodirector,” said another. 

During a recent stop at Sherri, T.I. shed some light on the film and its current status. “We went so far as to approach the studio, and we got a green light from Warner Bros. We’re developing the script.”  T.I says the cast has been giving Lauren London space to prepare to return to New New following the loss of Nipsey. “The whole cast is ready to go,” he concludes. 

No word on when the film will be recorded or release, but you can expect all of the main characters to return.

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