Rapper Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus Have Been Together Since The 90s, But In Thirty Years They’ve Never Taken A Vacation

“With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kind of hard being Snoop D O double G.” Thankfully, beside every great man is an even greater woman. Rapper Snoop Dogg can attest to this. For most of his life and career, his wife has been right by his side. Shante Broadus has been in the trenches with the multi-hyphenate entertainer. The couple has experienced many extreme highs and severe lows. However, out of the many experiences that they’ve shared, there’s one thing that the Broadus couple has never done together.   The Broadus’s have never gone on vacation together. That is, until now.

SNOOP DOGG and Shante Monique Broadus Married In 1997 

The years-long romance between Calvin Broadus Jr. and Shante Taylor began in their high school years. The love only intensified between them. Already parents to three-year-old Corde and newborn Cordell, they decided to marry in 1997 in a Los Angeles Ritz Carlton Hotel. Shortly after exchanging vows, rapper Snoop Dogg and his now-wife expanded their family. The couple welcomed a daughter that they named Cori in 1999. But although that was their third child together, Snoop had an extramarital affair, and another son was born named Julian in 1998.

The Couple Filed For Divorce In 2004 

Every couple hits a rough patch in their journey. For Snoop Dogg and Shante, this rough patch almost led them to divorce in 2004. Multiple reports circulated that the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper filed for a divorce and cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. Shante Broadus recalled the challenging moment with Sister 2 Sister Magazine when her husband came to her with his decision, asking her what to do. “It was just a lot,” she stated. Snoop Dogg also shared his reasons for wanting a divorce in a past interview with MTV News, as reported by E! Online. The iconic Grammy-nominated entertainer shared that his vision was “cloudy.” Still, he ultimately decided to come back home, where he “fell back in love with his wife and kids.”

Four years after filing for divorce, Snoop Dogg pulled off a grand gesture that got his wife and family back with the help of a legend. The rapper credits Charlie Wilson for being “influential” in his life and helping to save his marriage. During an interview with Hip Hollywood, Snoop recalled the surprise vow renewal ceremony he coordinated with Charlie Wilson for his wife after much coaxing from the Gap Band singer. The lavish ceremony was held at Charlie Wilson’s house, where Teddy Riley and Guy performed. Snoop Dogg then interrupted their set in a planned moment to walk on stage and ask for his wife’s hand in marriage again. Joyfully, the rapper described it as “beautiful.”

Shante Is Snoop Dogg’s Wife and Manager

Without a doubt, Snoop Dogg has had an illustrious career that spans over thirty years. Not only has he conquered music and still remains relevant, but Snoop Dogg also has an impressive and extensive filmography. He also has tons of television appearances, with some of his latest roles being in STARZ’s Black Mafia Family and American Song Contest, where he serves as host.   But the powerhouse behind Snoop Dogg’s career is none other than Shante Broadus, CEO of Boss Lady Entertainment. She’s served alongside him, helping to manage his career since the beginning. But in 2021, Snoop Dogg released a statement officially announcing that Shante Broadus was his manager, as per Forbes.

Snoop Dogg and Shante Began Dating 30 Years and Have Never Took A Vacation

Work hard, play hard, right? Snoop Dogg and his wife definitely define a hard-working couple. But after thirty years, the couple has finally knocked out, taking a vacation together. It’s hard to believe that this is their first vacation as a married couple, isn’t it?! Snoop Dogg shared moments of the pair dancing and living it up in an unknown tropical location. They could also be seen on a boat enjoying the beautiful clear blue waters and scenery. Multiple fans in the comment section shared their well-wishes for the couple on their well-deserved vacation, and we couldn’t agree more. Even R&B singer Monica couldn’t help but share the joy on her Instagram Stories.

Peep below for moments from the Broadus vacation.

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