Rapper Plies Reacts To Will Smith, Says He’s Not ‘Protecting’ A Woman Who Is Intimate With Other Men

The Oscar’s slap heard worldwide is still getting responses from some of our favorite celebrities. While many champion Will Smith for protecting his lady, some do not feel like his actions are truly that honorable. Outside of those who feel like he reinforced stereotypes of black-on-black crime and toxic masculinity while further exposing the deep-seated issues in his marriage, others just feel like no one is worth putting your career on the line in that way. Plies takes it to the next level, arguing that Jada’s “entanglement” disqualifies her from deserving any “protection” from her husband at all.

People are continuing to dig up information regarding any pre-existing beef between Will and Chris Rock. Some point to Rock’s stint as host of the Oscars back in 2016, when he publicly poked fun at Jada, who was boycotting the awards that year due to her husband’s work in the film “Concussion” being overlooked. Rock openly joked about Jada whining and then told the crowd that her not coming was not a surprise because she was not invited in the first place. This could have been fresh in Will’s mind Sunday, leading to him running up on stage when Rock poked fun at Jada’s bald head, which she recently revealed was due to alopecia.

Others point to issues within the Smith household and how their relationship could very well be hanging by a thread, forcing Will to resort to outrageous displays of hyper-masculinity to prove to his wife and everyone else that he loves her. If we recall, the Smiths began to unravel a few years ago following August Alsina’s confession to having a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. This led to Jada and Will opening up about their evolving marriage and shifting dynamic. Will doubled down in interviews and his biography WILL, discussing how they took breaks and pursued other things to help them find the joy in life and their marriage once again.

Will has never fully come forward with whether or not he ever had any extramarital relationship, although some believe he did hook up with former co-star Margot Robbie and internet personality Liza Koshy. Either way, none of this is confirmed, so to date, Jada still looks like the bad guy that stepped out. According to rapper Plies, this means she is not deserving of her husband’s protection. In a Tweet posted today, Plies says, “I ain’t protecting nothing that I’m not the ONLY one f*cking!” Fans immediately jumped into the comments to share their opinions on the matter.

Some reminded him of the lyrics in the hook of one of his only hit records, “Shawty,” featuring T-Pain. On the hook, T-Pain describes an “entanglement” type situation where he acknowledges he is not the only man in this woman’s life but will still fight someone for her. “Even though I’m not your man, you not my girl I’m a call you my (shawty) ‘Cause I can’t stand to see you treated bad I [expletive] for my (shawty).” Other told Plies “People are 1000% missing that point. Will said himself in an interview (I think before the fiasco became public) that there‚Äôs absolutely nothing Jada could do to make him love her any less or leave her.” Do you think Plies is wrong for bringing up Jada’s “Entanglement”?

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