Rapper Lil Scrappy Has Moved On From Bambi Following Split According To Sources

Lil Scrappy and Bambi are allegedly over. The Love & Hip-Hop staples are back on the market, and fans are trying to figure out who they will move on to next. While Bambi seems to be enjoying the single life, Scrappy is rumored to be reconnecting with some old flames. Let’s take a look at their relationship history and who might be back in Scrappy’s bed.

Scrappy was born Darryl Raynard Richardson III. He was raised by his mother, Momma Dee. The resilient woman did whatever she could to make ends meet for her children. This meant that she would result to illegal activities after becoming bedridden following an accident. Momma Dee began selling drugs and running a brothel to raise her kids. As a result, Scrappy got his first experiences with women through the girls that her mother employed.

Momma Dee would use the money she made from hustling to help her son launch his career. Scrappy joined the cast of Love & Hip-Hop while dating Erica Dixon. Dixon was an aspiring rapper as well but is most famous for her time on the show and her antics with Scrappy. Her time on the show followed her relationship with Scrappy leading up to their engagement and eventual split. She left after four seasons. She would return as a supporting cast member a few years later. They share one child together.

Scrappy would also date Crime Mob frontwoman Diamond. During their time together, he helped fund her new body. Momma Dee was unhappy about this and exposed her son during the first season of Love & Hip-Hop. Apparently, he stalked Diamond for a while after their split and had issues with her moving on to Soulja Boy.

Scrappy would eventually have ties to former Flavor of Love star Shay Johnson too. Reportedly he was dating her while dating Erica, and it caused a lot of issues between the two of them. Scrappy and Shay would be a union that Momma Dee supported and someone she still has a relationship with. Momma Dee was most recently on social media to support Shay through her pregnancy and claims she is the child’s godmother.m He would begin dating Bambi shortly after, and the pair seemed like a great pair. They have three children together in total, including Xylo and Breland. The couple would quietly tie the knot and have continued to showcase their love on reality television while Momma Dee continued to rally against this.

Eventually, Bambi would create boundaries for her family and prohibit Momma Dee from coming to see them. During a recent episode of Love & Hip-Hop, Momma Dee could be seen posted outside their house screaming into a blowhorn for Scrappy to let her see their grandchildren. Eventually, a tearful Scrappy would plead with his mother to ease up on him and Bambi and give them some peace. He blamed his upbringing for how hard it is for him to love and why he needed their support the most so he could be there for his family.

Unfortunately, it looks like she had not stopped, and it resulted in Bambi and Scrappy separating. The pair have not been seen together on social media, and fans in Bambi’s comments have been complimenting how single looks good on her. Scrappy fired back at fans who blamed his mother for the split, saying that they don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes.

Media Take Out is saying that Scrappy might really be moved on and has hooked back up with baby mother, Erica Dixon. Apparently, the duo pulled up to Erick Frost’s 50th birthday party and danced the night away. The source says they “sat near each other most of the night and shared multiple jokes between each other. If we didn’t know any better …. we’d think they were a couple.” Photos from the ’80s-themed event show the parents posted up together rocking tracksuits.

Other sites have speculated that Scrappy is actually hooking up with Erica Mena instead. Mena had a messy breakup with Safaree, and Scrappy was seen in some scenes of Love & Hip-Hop being very supportive of Mena while she received news about her divorce.

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