Rapper Kevin Gates Latest Celebrity On Fancy Talk Show and Continues To Share Too Much Information

Rapper Kevin Gates’s name has become synonymous with controversial statements. Throughout the last year, the rapper has been featured on many podcasts and has revealed many personal details, from being intimate with one of his cousins to describing what he would do to Beyonce. Just when we thought Kevin Gates couldn’t make any stranger statements, the rapper has outdone himself during his most recent interview.

In a recent interview, Kevin Gates revealed the size of his brother’s package. However, before making the statement, Kevin Gates said his brother would be mad at him for spilling this information. When asked about [himself], Kevin Gates stated, “Idk, but it’s decent.” The rapper then revealed he used to be insecure because he would compare himself to his brother. The rapper claims his brother is 18 inches. Kevin Gates claims he knows this information because they grew up [expletive] together.

Obviously, this kind of statement received mixed reactions, from people calling the rapper a liar to others trying to understand how Kevin Gates would be privy to this information about his brother. Some individuals in the comments began to ask the name of his brother. While Kevin Gates did not reveal his brother’s name during the podcast, the rapper does have a twin brother named Brandon Gilyard. Brandon and Kevin grew up in the South, which Kevin claims is different than any other area in the country.

This confession is almost as disturbing as his relationship with his cousin. After Kevin Gates learned the woman he was seeing was his cousin, the rapper continued dating her for two years. According to Kevin Gates, it didn’t to him because he didn’t grow up with her. The rapper never revealed the name of the woman, but said his grandmother confirmed the woman was his cousin.

One week before this statement, Kevin Gates went viral after revealing he loves to taste urine. The rapper also admitted he doesn’t mind sharing his woman with another man.

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