Rapper Jeezy Claims He’s Now Experiencing Pregnancy Symptoms

Jeannie Mai Jenkins is due any day now. The Real co-host is home and awaiting the arrival of the affectionately named “baby J” with husband Young Jeezy. Despite not being on set, her girls Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon-Haughton, and Garcelle Beauvais made sure to check in and see just how the mommy-to-be is holding up. Mai-Jenkins was all smiles during the video chat, where she described how she is prepping for the big day and how dad Jeezy is handling his “pregnancy symptoms” in their final weeks.

Jeannie Mai-Jerkins’ baby journey has been a wild one for fans to experience with her. For as long as she has been in the public eye, Mai-Jenkins has been very adamant about not wanting children. For a long time, the host did not fully disclose why, but following her divorce from first husband Freddy Harteis, Mai-Jenkins began to unpack just why she feared becoming a mom.

Mai has been honest about the abuse she suffered as a child and resentment towards her mother, which gave her a great deal of fear towards becoming a parent. Jeannie worried she would “ruin” a child. However, when she met Young Jeezy, things quickly changed, and Jeannie Mai-Jenkins eventually decided that she wanted to raise a child with him.

Mai has kept us fully up to date with her baby journey via her Youtube channel “Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai” and, of course, her job on The Real. She announced her pregnancy on the daytime talk show. On her personal channel, Mai-Jenkins revealed her journey with IVF treatment and how she ultimately got pregnant naturally by coincidence. Jeannie has explained why her and Jeezy do not want to know the baby’s sex, stating that a child’s gender is one of the few real surprises you can have in life. Mai-Jenkins says her and Jeezy have been planning for their baby and giving it a genderless room.

Jeannie also opened up about the massive tattoo she got on her tummy when she was a teenager and how she thought it would solidify that she would never have kids. Mai-Jenkins was so sure she would never become a mother, she covered her stomach in a large tribal tattoo so that she would not be tempted to have kids. She is now looking to get it removed as soon as she gives birth.

During a segment on The Real called “Baby J Update” (complete with on-screen graphics, much to Mai-Jenkin’s amusement), she told her co-hosts that she is still struggling to remember her last-minute preparation. The soon-to-be mom even made the mistake of trying to plan a trip to Nashville a few weeks beforedelivery. Mai-Jenkins said a friend of hers who is a mom warned her against this, advising that she needs to remain close to the hospital. She almost forgot to bag her hospital bag. Luckily her husband has reminded her.

When asked how husband Jeezy was holding up, Jeannie reveals that he mirrors her third trimester systems. While she tried to laugh it off, the ladies agreed that they had all heard of men taking on their pregnant wives’ pregnancy symptoms. Mai says Jeezy has cravings, is experiencing mood swings, and is even tired all the time too. Adrienne reassured her that this is a good thing and means that her and Jeezy are so in sync that he is able to tap into her emotions. See the full interview below.

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