Rapper Blueface’s Mother Details His History With Women

Rapper Blueface loves the ladies. So by that logic, any woman involved with him should know that she might have a lot of competition. His social media antics involving women have far overshadowed his music at this point. The kid should probably be heading towards reality television soon and taking his mom with him. Momma Blue seemed to be invested in her son’s bedroom escapades and had some choice words for a young lady claiming she was dating Blueface. Let’s take a look at Blueface’s dating history and what his mother had to say about about his body count.

Johnathan Jamall Porter is a West Coast-based rapper who found success in 2018 for his erratic rap style and aloof demeanor. But, like many modern-day rap success stories, he fell into it by accident. A few Soundcloud uploads later, and his single “Thotiana” was a billboard hot 100 hit complete with a Cardi B remix.

Blueface quickly became popular for his personal life as he began flaunting different girlfriends and eventually a house full of women. Rumored to be for a potential reality competition, Blueface made the women do wild things like getting tattoos of the rappers logo, physically fight one another, and sleep in bunk beds.

The rappe made headlines for kicking out his two live-in girlfriends back in 2019 after they joked that they were only with him for the money and fame. One of those women was his baby mother. The women reportedly had just gotten tattoos of the rapper’s face days before he put them on the street.

Blufacee has most recently been involved with a woman named Chrisean Rock. Rock was one of the contestants on Blue’s Bad Girl’s Club style show and has been in the media a lot. She signed to Blueface back in 2020 and has been dating him on and off ever since. Rock has stated that she has Blueface tatted on her body eight times because she “respects him” and feels that he “sees her.”

Rock reportedly tried to steal one of Blueface’s cars last month to drive home to Baltimore. She was arrested in Oklahoma. She also left messages on his wall to show her love for him. It looks like Blue loves her back because he just took her to Catalina Island yesterday for her birthday. Many are supporting the couple, including Blueface’s mom.

Taking to her IG, his mother reshared a story about Blueface being with over 1000 women. Over it, she asked the young lady how is she in a relationship with the hoochie c**chie man? She goes on to say that Blue does not lie, and anyone who believes they were dating the rapper is delusional, assuming she is referring to other women claiming to be with him outside of Rock. Blueface’s mom continues, saying she is happy for her son and comparing herself to a “gay mother” who can support her son’s decision to be happy. It is unclear whose mother she is referring to, but she clearly does not care to be understood. “I don’t care what yall say or think,” she said in the post. “I’m just a mother happy to see her son happy again.”

Fans were extremely puzzled by Blueface’s mom sharing the information. They were also confused about her referencing parents loving their gay children, which had nothing to do with the subject matter. Many believed a mother sharing the information was a ‘weird flex’ and asked, “Is this something we’re proud of? “

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