R. Kelly’s Brothers Concerned For Singer, Doesn’t Believe He’ll Last 30 Years

R. Kelly fans might be a little hopeful today after some charges were dropped, but his brother has cast some doubts on Robert making it out of alive. Carey Kelly recently caught up with Good Morning America to discuss how his brother is not built for for his current living situation.

Carey Kelly has been very vocal throughout the years about his experience with Robert and the things he has seen. Carey has opened up about the childhood he and his siblings faced growing up. This included being groomed by a neighbor named Mr. Henry. Despite Robert and Carey reporting this to their mother, Mr. Henry ended up paying Joanne Kelly $5000 to never mention it again. This followed both brothers throughout their lives.

In addition to Mr. Henry, Carey and Robert’s sister, Theresa also took advantage of them. Carey understood right away that he was being violated but says that Robert used to brag about it and seemed to enjoy it. Fast forward years later, Carey was one of the key voices present in the R. Kelly documentary. He knows his brother well and does not believe Robert is going to be able to stay locked up for the next 30 years. Carey believes his brother’s days are numbered if he remains incarcerated.

“Robert is not built for jail,” said Carey told GMA. “I’m concerned about others harming him as well,” Carey says he R. Kelly may do something to himself to avoid what others may do to him. “The easy way out would be for him to take his life,” Carey stated. This would not be R. Kelly’s first attempt. While Carey remembers Robert being ok with what happened, stories of him being harmed as a kid during a robbery were allegedly made up to cover him hurting himself. Obviously he issues from the past.

Kelly’s older brother Bruce Kelly shared similar doubts as Carey. Bruce has been in and out for years and claims he does not know how Robert will do while locked away. Bruce also defended his brother’s affinity towards younger women as a “preference” and alluded to people lying on Robert to keep him behind bars during the last installment of Surviving R. Kelly.

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