R. Kelly Found Guilty On Six Counts, While Former Business Manager & Employee Acquitted In Chicago Trial, Fans React

Robert Sylvester Kelly has been brought to justice for wrongdoings dating back several decades. The R&B star’s name has always been associated with very concerning accusations, but in recent years found the public rising up against him in hopes that the legal system would take notice. Movements like #MuteRKelly and the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly helped bring enough women forward that real charges could be brought up against Robert. After standing trial in both New York and Chicago, the Pied Piper of R&B has been found guilty on many charges and will be looking to serve some major time behind bars. Despite orchestrating a team to help him carry out his indiscretions, it appears Kelly will be serving his time alone as no one else has taken the fall with him.

R. Kelly was charged with two counts in the state of New York. These charges carried a 30-year sentence. The disgraced singer was accused of having under aged women flown out to various locations and ran a very complex ring of employees that helped him carry out his indiscretions. Many of the people employed by Kelly were let off the hook in exchange for information on him. This included the tour manager, who reportedly caught him making love to Aaliyah and helped them obtain an illegal ID so that she could marry him.

In Chicago, Kelly stood trial in connection to the adult film that leaked in the ’90s. The clip, which was the subject of a popular Dave Chappelle sketch, was initially dismissed after the family denied their daughter was the girl in the film. The family has reemerged recently to admit that they were paid off by Kelly to lie about the tape. He sent the family on vacation and made them financially dependent on him over the years, investing in the mother’s business and employing the father. Fans wondered why the girl’s parents were not brought up on charges as well, but people speculated from the beginning that this trial had been less about real accountability and more about a campaign to bring down Kelly to satisfy the court of public opinion.

This week it was announced that Kelly would serve additional time due to his case in Chicago as he was found guilty on six counts. Kelly will be the only one to pay for his crimes in the state, as his business partner Derrel McDavid and former employee Milton Brown were found not guilty, despite helping him hide evidence and coerce women. While some supporters maintain that he is innocent, others are starting to wonder why he is taking the fall completely alone for everything. What are your thoughts on his sentencing?

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