R. Kelly Files Appeal, Lawyer Claims Too Much Evidence Was Allowed That Hurt His Ability To Receive Fair Trial

R. Kelly has not given up hope yet. The R&B star is still behind bars for the foreseeable future but believes that evidence that could set him free has been omitted in his various trials. Kelly and his team are pushing for yet another appeal in his New York case, claiming that the government did not truly prove he was guilty.

R. Kelly was found guilty back in 2019 on nine federal counts of racketeering and sex trafficking. His team believes the jury who found him guilty on all counts included some people who had already prejudged Kelly before the case. They feel that at least two of the jurors watched the Surviving R. Kelly documentary and should have never been allowed in the trial.

Kelly’s team also argues that the women accusing him of assault were all of age and that no grooming began before they were 18 years old. They also believe that information about Kelly’s sex life, history of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual preferences, and more should not have been used against him in court. They believe all of this information “swayed” the jury.

R. Kelly has maintained his innocence ever since first getting locked up. It appears he and people on his team truly believe that he did nothing wrong in taking advantage of various young women looking to use him to advance their careers. This included R&B singer Aaliyah, who married Kelly when she was only 15 years old. Kelly was also convicted in Chicago, and it is unclear if they plan on appealing that case as well.

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