Quiana Mann’s Mother and Sister Speaks Out, Reveals New Details About Her 10-Year-Old Son

The Wisconsin Family who had to lay Quiana Mann to rest several weeks ago are now having to grapple with her son’s fate. The 10-year-old took his mother’s life after an altercation over an Amazon purchase. He is facing some serious time behind bars, and his aunt and grandmother are now opening up about him and some of the trouble things he’s told his family, eluding to his true mental state.

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Quiana Mann was a loving mother of four. The Wisconsin woman was having issues with her 10-year-old son, who had been displaying signs of aggression and mental illness for years. After denying him a VR headset purchase, it is said that the boy found the keys to his mother’s safe, secured her weapon and took her life. He then went and ordered his headset and told officers it was all an accident before confessing to his family that he did it on purpose a day later. He is currently being tried as an adult and held on a $50k bond.

His family spoke with news sites to describe the boy and his history of troubling behavior. While they initially said he had been in therapy and started fires in the home, this week they let us in even further on his troubling past. According to sources close to the family, the young man was on a treatment program aimed at limiting his access to video games. His mother was simply trying to follow the rules of his treatment when the incident occurred.

Rhonda Reid is the woman who set up Quiana Mann’s Go Fund Me and the boy’s aunt. She has been speaking to him daily while he is being held in a juvenile detention facility. According to Reid, he has yet to express remorse. His aunt says that she understands why he is being tried as an adult and feels that while the boy’s behavior is truly disturbing, he seems to fully comprehend what he’s done. “The things that he’s admitted to me, the things that he’s admitted to law enforcement, his competency levels. There are behavioral issues, but there’s nothing in his history to indicate that there’s [something] wrong with his comprehension,” Reid told a local Wisconsin news outlet.

His grandmother, Lueritha Mann, said she feels like she lost two children. Her family hates how social media has called Quiana’s parenting into question, and they feel like they had no control over the boy, nor did they think he was capable of this. The reporter asked both the grandmother and aunt of the 10-year-old if they believed he was capable of doing what he’s done, and they weren’t completely surprised. “I knew he was capable of something, but not this harsh,” the grandmother stated.

In separate interviews, she says that her grandson confessed to hearing voices. “There’s two little girls inside his head telling him to do things. And he has an imaginary friend that will tell him to do really bad things,” she told the Daily Beast. The boy struggled to sleep and heard voices early in the morning. He was also bullied in school.

His grandmother believes his issues worsen after having a concussion two years ago. “that just meshed with the mental illness, and it just kind of spiraled and made him worse,” Lueritha recalled.

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