Quavo Announces Migos Is Done For Good, Fans Will Never Get Another Culture Album

Fans hoping to see Offset and Quavo reunite in honor of TakeOff got some bad news today. It has been clear that the duo was at odds before his passing, but many hoped to see them reunite afterward in solidarity. No such reunion will take place as Quavo has announced that Migos is no more.

Prior to losing TakeOff, it was clear Quavo and Offset were divided. The group members had not been seen on stage together in months, and Offset had cleared his socials of any Migos posts. Instead, he focused on his solo career while Quavo and TakeOff moved forward as a duo. Many speculated that the fallout had to do with rumors that Takeoff slept with Saweetie, something Quavo alluded to in a song. However, Offset has remained silent on that matter, and only Cardi B has addressed it. According to her, there are no truths to those speculations.

Following TakeOff’s passing in November, Migos fans hoped to see Quavo and Offset come together at the funeral. While the two men were both in attendance, they were not seen together. Fans remained hopeful of some kind of reunion, but they continued to keep the divide by only posting photos of themselves with TakeOff in memoriam and no pictures of the entire group. Quavo would release a solo record in January to commemorate his nephew and was later invited to perform it at The Grammys. Fans thought this could possibly be the chance for Offset to come on stage, and they showed a sign of solidarity.

Instead, Quavo’s performance came and went alone. Rumors of a brawl backstage hit the net with several clips showing men scuffling and Cardi B yelling. Offset took to Twitter the next day to refute the idea that he would fight his “brother.” Quavo did not properly respond till today with the release of his single “Greatness.” In the song, Quavo confirms that the Migos are done with the lyric, “Came in, swept the game like a storm with the [MF] flow, Take did that/ So don’t ask about the group, he gone, we gone, young [expletive] it can’t come back, damn!” He also held up the group’s chain from their Culture III album.

The group’s official end comes right after reports that their parent label QC was sold to Scooter Braun’s company. Braun is the mastermind behind Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande. He is also the reason Taylor Swift is rerecording all her old music after he purchased her catalog. Fans have been speculating that the record label sale was the reason for Quavo calling Offset unloyal since he secured himself a solo deal months before it happened.

One fan noted, “[Offset] secured himself a solo deal with another label months ago and was called disloyal by Quavo for doing so; I wonder how Quavo feels about that statement now.” Many are upset at Quavo for beefing with Offset but staying quiet about TakeOff’s murder. Others are giving the family grace and understanding that they are still grieving. “If y’all understood grief past just being sad, you’d leave Quavo and Offset alone.”

Offset has not responded to Quavo’s statement in the new song.

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