Power’s Michael Rainey Jr. Unbothered By Hollywood Refusing To Award Him : “You Can’t Bring Awards To The Bank”

Hollywood does not always do right by its actors. Some people work hard and tirelessly throughout their careers but do not always get the accolades or recognition fans might feel they deserve. Michael “Tariq” Rainey Jr. is not fazed by this, however, and recently opened up about what the real reward is for him when it comes to his career.

Michael Rainey Jr. got his start in shows like Orange is the New Black and the film Barbershop: Next Cut before becoming Tariq in the Power universe. He starred as Ghost son for several seasons before ultimately being his father’s undoing and moving on into his own series. In addition to starring in Power Book II, he also hosts a podcast series with fellow Power actor Gianni Paolo.

Rainey’s acting has always been divisive since people historically do not seem to like the characters he plays. Some think it’s the sign of a true talent to play such unlikeable people. However, Michael is not usually acknowledged at large for his skills or career. While this initially bothered him, he admits that advice from 50 Cent helped redefine his idea of success. Rainey says that the Power executive producer has always advised him that you cannot take awards to the bank. When this sunk in for him, Rainey says that he began to focus his career on enjoyment rather than accolades. “So whatever followers, whatever comes with it, comes with it, but if it doesn’t come with it, it is what it is.”

The new season of Power Book II: Ghost debuts on March 17 on Starz.

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