Power’s Latoya ‘Diana’ Tonodeo Calls Out Fans Insulting Her Character On Show

Courtney A. Kemp’s Power universe has amassed millions of adoring fans who have invested in its characters. The second spin-off of the show, Power Book II: Ghost, introduced a slew of new characters that took on a world of their own. One of them, Diana Tejada, has had fans in a frenzy all season thanks to her actions. Her real-life actor, Latoya Tonodeo, has caught wind of all the fan reactions to her character and noticed how vicious some of them turned out to be. As a result, Tonodeo is calling out these fans for their insulting remarks concerning her role.

Diana Tejada, daughter of Lorenzo and Monet Tejada, is the youngest of the clan. Often in the show, Diana struggles with having to remain loyal to the family, taking orders from her mother while itching for her “Papi” to come home. However, from season 1 to season 2, Diana soon begins to turn the heat up and stir the pot as she works to uncover the real truths within her family. She also works closely with Tariq St. Patrick, as she is one of the girls he juggles romantically.

Soon enough, Diana Tejada’s role enlarges when she succeeds in getting her father released from prison, unbeknownst to Monet, played by Mary J. Blige. But, seemingly tired of all that has been transpiring, Diana quickly decides to take matters into her own hands.  

Actress Latoya Tonodeo held a conversation with Distractify in the midst of the second season’s airing. The Los Angeles-born actress revealed that Diana’s actions would perhaps prove to be upsetting for many fans as she’s on the road to her independence. But she stated her belief that what Diana Tejada does during the season is for the good of the family. “And some people may not agree,” Latoya Tonodeo said. “So we’ll see how everyone feels about it.”

Tonodeo could not have been more correct. The season finale of Power Book II: Ghost was stressful, to say the least. The death of Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross, who was later revealed to be Monet Tejada’s son and not her nephew, shocked fans. Many felt that the reason for his death was due to Diana Tejada.

Fans immediately flocked to Twitter to share their disdain for Diana Tejada. Many compared Latoya Tonodeo’s character to that of Tariq’s in the original Power. One fan wrote, “Diana killed Zeke!!! I don’t care who pulled the trigger! Diana did it!!!!” Another shared their perspective. “It’s her fault!!! Dru told her not to look in the bag for a specific reason. She cannot follow directions, and Lorenzo convinced her that that makes her smart,” they wrote. Another called Diana Tejada the “goat of snitching.”

Latoya Tonodeo may not be Diana Tejada in real life, but she won’t stand for any slander. As a matter of fact, the actress (who shared that she manifested a role on Power in 2017) defended Diana’s choices during a recent interview with ThisIs50.com. Latoya Tonodeo spoke about Diana’s nosy ways and how she opened the bag and exposed its contents to Lorenzo. The actress calls Diana’s moves “strategic” and intelligent rather than destructive. She also insists that Diana is not the reason for Zeke’s death.  

It is Latoya Tonodeo’s belief that Diana Tejada is definitely going to miss her cousin, now brother, as he was her favorite. But instead, Tonodeo argues that had the plan been properly executed, “Zeke wouldn’t have gone to the hangar” and would still be alive today. In addition, the actress feels as though Diana should have devised a plan to keep Zeke away from Dante until everything died down.

“Nobody knew that Zeke was going to go there because, once again, he’s innocent,” she said. But, playing off of the fact that Zeke is also always left out as a means to protect him, Latoya Tonodeo shares that’s what made it unfortunately easy for him to be in the “wrong place at the wrong time.” While it is unclear what the future holds for Diana Tejada in season 3, one thing is evident. Monet Tejada is going to stop at nothing to uncover what really transpired to her son.

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