Power Creator Courtney A. Kemp Claims Starz Has Stopped Her From Releasing Any Scenes From Power That Didn’t Make The Cut

The STARZ network definitely caught a huge resurgence, and they have Power to thank.

Actually, the network has Courtney A. Kemp and 50 Cent to really thank. Millions of fans would get activated on social media faithfully while the show aired to engage in conversation surrounding Power. These same fans also craved content that didn’t make it off of the cutting room floor, along with actor interviews and spoilers on what’s to come.  But while the series was an undisputed winner for the network and became the most-watched show on STARZ, the journey behind the scenes has not been the easiest. According to the show’s creator, Courtney A. Kemp, the network won’t allow her to share the inside scoops fans have been requesting.

Courtney A. Kemp Is The Creator Of Power

Power debuted on STARZ in 2015 but had been in the works for many years. Writer and producer Courtney A. Kemp may not have known at the time, but the character “Ghost,” portrayed by actor Omari Hardwick, was somewhat present in her life since she was a baby. But the show did not actively begin to develop until Kemp and executive producers 50 Cent and Mark Canton in a Los Angeles coffee shop, according to a New York Times interview.

As they were batting around ideas of a “music-centered show,” Courtney A. Kemp brought up the idea of a “guy who would be so good at being bad that nobody in his world would really want him to be good.” Kemp credits both her father’s life and 50 Cent for helping her flesh out “Ghost,” as the character was a combination of both men.

Courtney A. Kemp told the Times that Ghost’s “nefarious past and… glamourous present” came from the rapper. In addition, the hustler who would stop at nothing to make sure his wife and children were always taken care of was inspired by the life of her father. Kemp shared with The Daily Beast that she always had an interest in writing about her father, who unfortunately passed away in 2011. “He thought that perception was reality and what people thought of you was what was real about you,” the Connecticut native said. Six seasons and multiple award nominations later, the show developed into what became one of STARZ’s most successful series. In addition, it would eventually produce numerous spin-offs that were incredibly profitable for the network.  

Starz and The Power Franchise Has Faced Many Ups and Downs

One would think that things would be smooth as Tennessee whiskey behind the scenes with all of the accomplishments of Power. However, executive producer 50 Cent has been very vocal about his experience with STARZ. For the most part, it has not been pretty. This year, 50 Cent took to his Instagram to release many posts that declared his ultimate disdain for the network and that he was ready to depart. After revealing that Power Book IV: Force had yet to be renewed while another one of the network’s shows got greenlit for another season, 50 Cent began to tag many of G-Unit Television’s prominent staff to “pack their bags.”

Oddly enough, 50 Cent was not the only one who shared issues with the network. In an Instagram Live session, Creator Courtney A. Kemp revealed that although she has tons of deleted scenes and even an alternate ending of the season finale, the network “won’t allow her to do it.” If she had things her way, the scenes would be released as online content, which she argued with the network about. “How great would it be to have all of those [years and years of deleted scenes] released,” Kemp exclaimed.

Courtney A. Kemp Has Departed Starz For Netflix

In 2021, Courtney A. Kemp spread her wings and flew away from STARZ and Lionsgate and landed at Netflix following her deal. However, she still would remain as the executive producer for Power while another person would serve as showrunner. According to Deadline, Kemp was reportedly given an 8-figure deal from Netflix to create and develop new content for the streaming platform.

Once again, Courtney A. Kemp explained on Instagram Live that she grew tired of not being creative, as she was no longer serving in that manner on Power. With her Netflix deal, she would be able to get back to her first love, and that’s writing. Now that Kemp has flown the nest, it was announced that a producer named Brett Mahoney would now serve as the showrunner for Power Book Season 3. Brett Mahoney served as executive producer and showrunner of Empire. The Power Book Season 3 showerunner has also worked as a writer and producer on CSI: Miami and The Following.

Some of Power’s Deleted Scenes

Fans of the show may not have seen any of the alternate scenes that aren’t allowed off of the cutting room floor. However, thanks to some of the show’s actors, they are getting a bit more of an inside scoop. Michael Rainey Jr. (Tariq), LaToya Tonodeo (Diana Tejada), and Gianni Paolo (Brayden) joined together to speak on The Crew Has It to spill the tea.

For starters, fans could have been able to witness the characters Brayden and Tommy Egan meet. Gianni Paolo also revealed an intended scene where Brayden and his brother Trace spoke about testifying against Tariq. You can check out these and many more instances in the full video below.

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