Porsha Williams Says Her and Fiancé Simon Goubadia Are Still Dating

Porsha Williams is a reality star who has substantially opened up her life to the public over the last ten years. As a cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we’ve followed her through career highs and lows – as well as trials and tribulations in her personal and romantic relationships. 2021 proved to be a big year for Porsha, who found a new love and has been prepping to tell all in her debut book. Now Porsha is doing the promo rounds for the book and decided to make one of her first stops to The Tamron Hall. The pair got candid about everything Porsha, in an interview, Porsha admits she was very nervous about.

“Word on the street is you’re a little nervous,” asked Hall when they first sat down. Porsha Williams admits that while she has lived her life on tv for the last 10 years, there were still many things she’s kept to herself and out of her storylines. She is now ready to open up with her new book “The Pursuit of Porsha.” The reality star admits that she actually felt really good opening up, and she is proud of herself to be able to get to a place where she can tell her testimony. “I knew if I ever did a book, it needed to be 100% honest and transparent” she told Hall, adding that she wanted people to see themselves in her story.

For Williams, this year alone seemed like a lot after she went public about her relationship with fiancé Simon Goubadia. When asked when the two would officially tie the knot, Williams confesses that they are still dating and that Simon is still courting her. She says that they are still in the “honeymoon phase” and that the wedding “will come.” After Tamron Hall questioned how Williams is still ‘dating’ her fiance, the reality star continued defending their courting phase, saying that she is enjoying everything feeling “new and special.” Porsha also revealed they’ve purchased their first home together and have plans to move in soon, which caused Hall to side-eye the relationship.

After pushing for wedding date information and getting none, Tamron confessed to feeling like Porsha might be holding something back. She then goes into revealing some information about Simon and his family history. According to Tamron, Simon’s grandfather had 25 wives. When initially presented with this information, Porsha admitted she worried that Simon could cheat on her or want more wives. When she asked him if he had ever cheated, he responded, “of course, everybody has cheated.” The RHOA alumni also revealed Simon’s grandfather also has 60 something grandchildren. Fans began commenting on Porsha’s social media and accusing her of setting herself up for another “problematic relationship.”

Porsha Williams defended her fiancé by stating that multiple wives is part of the Nigerian culture. However, she does not plan to share him with anyone else at the moment. “Simon has been in America since he was about 17 years old, and I’m American, so we’re going to have one wife and one husband, the reality star stated. Williams and Goubadia met on Real Housewives of Atlanta through her cast member and his former wife Falynn Goubadia.

Fans recall the season 13 episode where Porsha Williams and a group of friends came to the home of Flaynn Goubadia. There she was introduced to Simon, and the two shared a fist bump greeting. However, during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she states that they did not flirt or interact until after Simon and Falynn announced they would be divorcing. It was at this time that he “slid into” Porsha’s DMs to make a move.

According to the reality star, she told Simon she was sorry for his divorce in a private conversation because she knows how difficult it can be. Williams, at the time, was still dealing with her ex-fiance Dennis McKinley who eventually took her engagement ring back. According to Williams, she and Dennis were on a rollercoaster, and she ultimately requested her engagement ring back. However, once she realized Dennis wasn’t planning to return the ring, leaving became easy. At this time, Porsha and Dennis have made no official wedding day announcements yet.

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