Peter Thomas Facing More Legal Issues Following Incident At Restaurant, Currently On Trial

Peter Thomas is back in the news today in connection to some legal issues. The reality television vet has been known for his relationship woes, but his legal ones are just as popular, and the latest is a doozy. Let’s take a look at the many times he’s been caught up and find out what the latest one is.

From the beginning of his tenure on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter Thomas was at the center of some money problems. His wedding to Cynthia Bailey on season one was plagued by financial issues as the couple was barely able to afford the lavish ceremony. Following their split, Peter and Cynthia ended up in a legal battle as well. Peter and Cynthia were tied up together in his Bar One nightclub in Atlanta. The building went under foreclosure, at which time Cynthia gave her husband $170k to help him find a new location for it. Peter was given 36 months to establish a new spot but was never able to do so. Cynthia was tied up in the deed, and following their 2017 divorce, she demanded her coins back.

By 2020 the pair were in court trying to sort through the money. A “hurt” Peter Thomas revealed that he was shocked by the lawsuit. Cynthia maintained that it was all business and that she and Peter “had an agreement.” She explained to Wendy Williams during an interview, “it was as simple as that. It was a three-year arrangement, which I thought was more than enough time to settle what we needed to settle.” Cynthia eventually dropped the suit.

Peter Thomas was later hit with a federal tax lien in connection to money owed on another defunct eating establishment. Uptown Restaurant & Longue closed back in 2010, but the government swooped in to collect almost a decade later. Peter was accused of failing to pay his taxes between 2008 and 2009. He owed a total of $450k. It is unclear if he ever paid it.

Around the time of the tax lien, Peter Thomas was also forced to close down a North Carolina Bar One location for “renovations.” He reportedly closed it while he and his legal team attempted to pay off the debt he owed the government. Peter was also arrested that same year in connection to a fugitive warrant in Louisiana. He was accused of writing fraudulent checks in that state.

The problems keep coming up for Thomas, and all seem to be connected to his various Bar One locations. The latest is tied to the one in Baltimore, Maryland. A woman is claiming that Peter assaulted her at the venue, choking her after she made a comment about him being drunk. When he overheard her, he got very upset and approached the lady.

The woman says Peter lunged at her throat, and she had to get staff to help get him off of her. Embarrassed and distraught, the woman decided to press charges. In a strange reality television twist, she happens to be related to Tammy Rivera. None of the involved parties have released any further statements.

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