Pee Diddy Is Trending On Twitter Along With Yung Miami and Caresha Please

Yung Miami’s Caresha Please show continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. The hilariously candid interview series has shed an entirely new light on the City Girl and helped position her as one of the leading voices of Revolt TV. She recently sat down with fellow Miami rapper Trina, and the two ladies opened up about their private lives.

Yung Miami and Trina played her drinking game “Resha Roulette,” which she debuted over the holiday season. The game is for adults and has a host of questions aimed at getting people intoxicated and loose. Retailing for $40 on her website, the game’s description reads, “Choose 3 LIT friends to play and let the games begin. This kit includes 4 Resha Roulette shot glasses + a deck of Resha Roulette cards.” 

Obviously, Miami has learning from her billionaire boo Diddy and was sure to plug the game on her show while also prominently displaying his DeLeon Tequila in the background. As the ladies sipped and shared stories, Yung Miami drew a card that read, “take a shot if you like golden showers.” She instantly replied, “I do,” much to Trina’s shock.  A very serious Trina clarified, “meaning when a guy pees on you?” Miami immediately responded, “I just like it.” The women then attempt to have a mature conversation about the matter while Yung Miami is clearly giggly thinking about it. Trina then calls her “freak of the week!” 

Due to Miami being linked to Sean “Diddy” Combs, it did not take long for fans to assume that he was the one delivering the golden shorts. “Pee Diddy” began trending, and everyone chimed in with their thoughts.  “I know Pee Diddy bout to cancel this show now. Pee Diddy gotta be PISSED off seeing this,” said one fan.

Another said, “Lemme Get This Straight Diddy Be Doing This.. Pee Diddy Waking Yung Miami Up for Her Daily Golden Shower ?|?|?” Many joked that Diddy would be trademarking the name soon. Others joked about R. Kelly being upset behind bars when he finds out someone else is trending for golden showers without being canceled. 

After going viral for making such a bold statement, Yung Miami took to social media to double down tweeting, “Yall know Idgaf.” Check out the new episode above.

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