Omarion, 38 and Nia Long, 52 Spark Dating Rumors After The Two Individuals Are Caught Holding Hands On Red Carpet

Nia Long and Omarion are dating? Atleast that’s what fans are speculating following their recent red-carpet antics. The “You People” star and B2K frontman are an unlikely duo, but people seem to be here for it as the pair has been trending all day.

Nia Long is fresh off a pretty messy breakup. The actress was engaged for almost two decades to former basketball star turned coach Ime Udoka. When it was revealed that he was cheating with a female staffer, Long gathered her things and promptly moved on. Luckily for Long, she had a busy slate of releases and got right into promotion for The Best Man series co-star Taye Diggs. She also has a film called Missing dropping this month with Storm Reid but is currently focused on promotion for Netflix’s You People.

The film brought together a star-studded cast, including Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. While everyone was just happy to see Lauren London on the red carpet looking gorgeous, others could not help but notice Ms. Nia Long also stunning in a form-fitting white outfit. After video and images from the red carpet were posted online Nia Long began trending on Twitter.

R&B Singer Omarion took notice as well. While not in the film, he showed up for the movie’s premier and posed it up with Long for the paparazzi. One caught a quick video of the duo smiling together before long pulled him by the hand to the next photographer. People instantly felt that their hand-holding might allude to something more going on between the two, joking that it seemed more than friendly.

Omarion added fuel to this fire with a repost of the video with a caption saying, “Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other – P.C.- dreamy pull by the goddess @iamnialong such a pleasure. 🙏🏾✨. So many amazing people in the building. Congrats @kenyabarris @laurenlondon Eddie Murphy Jonah hill.” Is this his way of confirming that he and Nia are together?

Fans in the comment immediately began to discuss the potential of a Nia/Omarion union. “Oooo I am here for Nia long and Omarion!!!! Yesssssss!!!,” said one fan. Another said, “It was the tug for me O, hehehe 🤭 well alright now,” said another. Fans also joked about the irony of this pairing. Nia Long has famously played a love interest to Taye Diggs across the Best Man franchise. Diggs is currently very much with Omarion’s baby mother Apryl Jones. “So Apryl wit Harper n he tryna get Jordan ok 😍👏,” said one person.

Nia Long is 52, and Omarion is 38, making the couple’s age gap 14 years if they are together. Not everyone is buying it, though, and think the internet is just jumping to conclusions. One person summed up with, “All Nia Long had to do was exist with her fine self and grab Omarion by the hand to take a picture on the red carpet for them to be labeled Hollywood’s next couple. Y’all are hell.”

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