Omari Hardwick Claims Tasha Was The Problem, Not Ghost: ‘If My Mistress Was Black People Would Feel Different

Omari Hardwick recently sat down with Jemele Hill to discuss his time playing Ghost on Starz Power. The actor proves he is every bit the thespian we know him to be as he delved into what made the role what it was and how he navigated Ghost and Tasha’s dynamic. According to Omari, Ghost was the real one at a loss in their dynamic due to Tasha’s lack of passion.

Omari says that he played Ghost from the place of a man slowly becoming a narcissist. Hardwick says that this technique helped him flesh out the role and carry it from start to finish in the series. When his on-screen wife was brought up, Omari says that Tasha’s character lacked any real passion towards Ghost, and his biggest mistake was staying with her.

Omari remembers Ghost asking Tasha, “do you ever see me as more?” He believes she did not want him to fly to his highest. “That means that even in the bed, the [intimacy] ain’t what it should be because they are not fully passionate about everything that’s passionate in you,” Omari says that the character Ghost saw Tasha being bigger, but she didn’t want that for him. “He was definitely the most supportive,” Omari says of Ghost in comparison to Tasha and Tommy.

Omari also argues that more people would have seen the flaws in Tasha if Ghost’s mistress was a black woman. “What if the mistress is the same race as the wife?” he asks, leaving Jemele Hill speechless.

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