Fans Are Pulling Up Old Tweets Of Tory Lanez Discussing Relationship With Megan Thee Stallion Following Verdict

Tory Lanez and Megan The Stallion’s case has wrapped up, with Lanez found guilty of his crimes against the Houston MC. One big point of contention during their back-and-forth was the nature of Megan and Tory’s intimate relationship. While Megan argues that their private life should not be anyone’s business, Lanez has made it a point to put their union on display to “expose” her.

Before hip-hop vets like 50 Cent and Joe Budden were throwing their support behind Tory Lanez, there was an initial push to get the rapper canceled. Sure enough, record sales began to decline following the shooting in 2020. However, Lanez continued to release music, even using it to “tell his side of the story.” In his video for “Jokes On Me,” Lanez showcases two “friends” fighting over his lifeless body. Alluding to one of them taking his life after finding out he was intimate with the other one. Fans championed the song, and its parent project for how it “addressed” what happened with Megan Thee Stallion.

Since his guilty verdict, people have left new comments under the clip saying, “He been told the story. And here it is.” Another person said, “This video says it all … sure its gon come to light … Free and protect TORY.” Many supporters of Lanez seem to take real issue with the fact that he was open and honest about his relationship with Megan while she was not. Megan got on television and lied to Gayle King about having an intimate relationship with the Canadian rapper. She would later admit to it while on the stand.

Megan’s former best friend Kelsey Harris also shed light on the true nature of Meg and Lanez’s relationship. Kelsey revealed that while Megan connected her to Lanez, the two would begin hooking up while Kelsey was out of town. Kelsey and Tory allege that an intoxicated Megan also took issue with Tory flirting with Kylie Jenner, and this resulted in her making him leave the party early and their big altercation in the car.

Tory has been trying to make this information public for years and made reference to it on social media as well as in his music. Around the time Megan was rolling out content for her single “Shots Fired,” which took aim at Lanez and Harris, she posted a video of herself online twerking with a friend. In the since-deleted clip, Megan commented, “It was the knees for him,” while recreating a move from a previous video.

Lanez took to Twitter around the same time as this IG post with a response saying, “All that for the gram, but couldn’t take no ‘D’ with a few emojis. The post had over 35k likes from fans.

Despite the guilty verdict and the amount of men backpedaling their support of him, some believe Lanez is still winning. “Btw I hope y’all realize Tory lanez seemingly is only canceled on Twitter and IG. Cuz folks be bumping his music everywhere,” said one person.

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