Notorious B.I.G Daughter, T’yanna Wallace Trending After Putting Up Her $1.5 Million Home To Post Bond For Boyfriend, Tyshawn Baldwin

Late rapper Notorious B.I.G. left a lasting legacy of hit records and iconic moments for fans to cherish in the decades since his passing. However, for the rapper, his most personal legacy would be the children he left behind. Biggie, real name Christopher Wallace, was a father in his lifetime and had two children who have become popular influencers in the age of social media. His daughter is in the news today for something unrelated to her father. T’yanna Wallace’s boyfriend recently got into some legal trouble and she has decided to put her home up to bail him out.

Biggie had a high school girlfriend who he dated till right before he became a megastar. Jan Jackson gave birth to Biggie’s eldest child, a daughter named T’yanna Wallace. Wallace was born on August 8, 1993, when her parents were 21 and 22. She would appear in some of his early videos and be mentioned frequently in songs. “Putting five karats in my baby girl ear” was an iconic line from B.I.G’s break-out hit “Juicy.” Now a full-fledged adult, she owns and operates a clothing store in Brooklyn that honors the borough and her father’s legacy. Named Notoriouss, she sells clothes that pay homage to her father and his music. T’yanna admits that while she wanted to respect her father’s legacy, music was simply not her calling, so she decided to pursue fashion.

Biggie’s second child is C.J Wallace. His son with R&B singer Faith Evans was born October 29, 1996, only five months before his father was murdered. C.J. has been more eager to pursue the spotlight like his parents and has already dabbled in music, acting, and modeling. He also played a young version of his father in the biopic Notorious. Speaking on the opportunity to play his pops, he said, “It was actually fun, going out to New York, living like him, going into his old apartment, doing what he did.” C.J. credits his stepfather Todd Russaw for helping him truly grasp his birth father’s legacy. “At an early age, my dad who raised me schooled me that I needed to be aware of who my dad was and his impact and to not be afraid of what I represent. He told me, ‘Don’t be ashamed of anything.'”

While both Biggie’s kids enjoy sizable social media followings and attention thanks to their father, neither of them has even been in the press for anything crazy until recently. News broke earlier this month about a devastating hit and run in Queens, NY, where a man fleeing a routine traffic stop plowed into a mother and child crossing the street. The shocking incident was caught on camera by a bystander, as you can see him roll right into the mother and her stroller in his S.U.V. The person was arrested six days later and identified as T’yanna’s long-term boyfriend and baby father, Tyshawn Baldwin. The duo share in an infant and live together in the New York City area.

Police initially stopped Baldwin because he parked his 2021 Durango S.R.T. Hellcat in a busy intersection. He also had a loud exhaust and illegally blacked-out windows. Baldwin was initially cooperating with authorities until they realized he was driving with an expired license. Instead of stepping out of the car when requested. Balwin drove off and into a group of pedestrians. In addition to injuring the mother and her two-year-old child, he also hit a food delivery driver. All sustained serious injuries. Baldwin turned himself in 5 days later. His charges include “first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child,” and other charges.

Today it was reported that T’yanna posted his $1.5 million dollar bail, leveraging her Brooklyn home in the process. “The paperwork filed in Queens Criminal Court reveals that Wallace put up her $1.5 million Brooklyn home to obtain Baldwin’s bond,” reported Fox News. Fans in the comments immediately began to read T’yanna, discussing how disappointed her father would be if he knew how she was throwing her money away on a man. “Didn’t biggie say give my daughter that college plan so she don’t need no man,” commented one person. Another said, “Biggie would be disappointed, he said she don’t need no man in sky’s the limit 😂.”

Considering the charges, do you think T’yanna was a fool for bailing her man out?

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