Singer Nivea Complicated Relationship With Lil Wayne Throughout The Years

Lil Wayne’s love life is typical of a successful rapper. The New Orleans legend has had his pick of popular women and shares children with some big names. This includes reality star Toya Johnson, R&B singer Nivea, and actress Lauren London. According to Nivea, there were several points where their relationships all overlapped.

Lil Wayne got his start fairly young. The Cash Money frontman was out conquering the world before he was legally able to vote. He was also already starting his first family at the behest of his mother, who asked for a grandchild because she was lonely while he was on the road. Wayne met his first wife, Toya Johnson, in high school. They would welcome their daughter Reginae Carter in 1998. Toya would go on to leverage their relationship to establish herself as a reality star and businesswoman, but for a while, Wayne took care of her and their daughter. They married in 2004, separating in 2006.

Early on in his career, Wayne had also established relationships with Nivea and Lauren London. Nivea was a new artist experiencing success with her debut hit “Don’t Mess With My Man” when she was courted by the “Lollipop” rapper. Things got serious between the pair, and eventually, Wayne convinced her to leave it all behind and move to New Orleans to be with him. “I got you,” she recalled him saying.

The pair would get engaged in 2003, a year before he wed Toya, whom he was still dating. Nivea says she found it weird that when she got to New Orleans, Wayne put her in an apartment instead of his house. She later discovered that it was because Toya was living there. Wayne was also engaged to Toya at the time and decided to stay with her. Nivea said she went off and planned to show up to the wedding, eventually dropping the whole thing and moving on.

Nivea went back to Atlanta and considered dancing but eventually fell into a relationship with songwriter The Dream, with whom she has three kids. During this time, Wayne and Toya had divorced, and he began a relationship with actress Lauren London. He and London apparently met around the same time he was engaged to both Nivea and Toya. He rapped about her appearing in Pharrell’s fronting video around 2003 over an instrumental of the song, saying, “My ex-girlfriend on BET. I’m like, not again, Ah oh man, not again,” the rapper stated.

London would go on to star in ATL in 2006, and by 2008, she and Wayne had rekindled. So had Wayne and Nivea. While Nivea was sad, she eventually revealed that she and London became close during their pregnancies and helped each other through the time. London welcomed her first child Kameron Carter on September 9, 2009. Nivea would give birth to Neal Carter on November 30, 2009, her fourth child.

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