Nick Cannon’s Number One Priority Is To Be The Best Father For His Children

Nick Cannon is a busy man, yet somehow between the various shows he’s hosting and the business he runs, he’s managed to amass a family of 8 children. The happy father has been very open about his desire to bring as many children into the world as he can afford and has made it clear that he always puts them first and takes care of their mothers.

Nick started having children in 2011 with Mariah Carey and just welcomed his 8th child earlier this year with Bre Tiesi. He recently revealed on his talk show that if possible, he’d like to bring that number up to an even 10, but truthfully he just wants as many as he can financially support and be present for. While he recently hinted that not all his baby mothers get along, none of the women has ever come forward to accuse him of neglect or being a deadbeat father. On the contrary, Nick says they all respect him and allow their children to interact, which he is most happy about.

It’s unclear what he wants for his children’s future, but it’s evident that show business is a big option for them based on the names he’s given them. Nick’s children with Mariah are named Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon but are sometimes referred to as Dem Babies by Mariah or simply Roc and Roe. Nick and Brittany Bell named their two children Golden Cannon and Powerful Queen Cannon. In 2021 he welcomed Zillion Heir Cannon & Zion Mixolydian Cannon with Abby De La Rosa. His late son Zen S. Cannon was born in the same month as the twins. It is unclear what the latest baby’s name is.

Nick admits that he still has intimate relationships with the mothers of his kids. The former teen heartthrob does make sure to distinguish that his intentions are always in the interest of his children and providing for them. Despite him saying this, people still assumed that Nick Cannon’s children were a mistake or not planned. During a discussion with City Girls last year, Nick Cannon defended himself after four of his children were born within a four-month span. The comedian joked that he was like “a seahorse” but insisted that nothing was by mistake. Nick says all his children have been by choice and decided on between him and their mothers. He says the women that he got pregnant were supposed to get pregnant and that he could have gotten a lot more women knocked up with kids if he was truly just being reckless.

Nick’s baby-making is just as feverous as his career. Nick Cannon currently hosts Wild N’ Out, The Masked Singer, and his Los Angeles-based radio show. He is also releasing music, most recently dropping a Mariah Carey sampled single for Valentine’s Day. A string of Wild N’ Out sports bars are also in the works, with the flagship store opening in San Diego.

Most people remember Cannon got his start in comedy as a kid on Nickelodeon’s All That before scoring his own series. He has reportedly been returning to his comedy roots with small shows around the country. Those who have seen them say he’s been working in jokes about his kids. In one bit, he cracks that he loved his kids so much he gave them each their own mother.

Nick is going to have to keep busy now that he has so many children. It is estimated that he pays over 1.2 million a year in child support. He is also incredibly present in their lives, often posting pictures from holidays and birthday parties. Golden just celebrated his 5th birthday in a massive Black Panther-themed party that dad Nick was in attendance for.

All jokes aside, Nick did recently reveal he will be slowing down on kids for the time being. In a segment of his talk show with Angela Yee, he said that the pressures of taking on the new show right after finding out he was expecting baby #8 and getting baby Zen’s cancer diagnosis were tough. He tried to be celibate for the rest of 2021 as a way to bring some peace to his life. During another interview with therapist Laura Berman, he confessed to running out of bandwidth for any more kids. According to Nick, he owes his current children and their mothers as much attention as he can give them before he expands again.

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