Nick Cannon Tearfully Mourns Loss Of His 5-Month Old Son, Zen Scott Cannon

Sadly, Nick Cannon and one of his children’s mothers, Alyssa Scott, are experiencing any parents’ worst nightmare as they tragically now mourn the loss of their son. The 41-year-old actor tearfully shared the heartbreaking news on his talk show Tuesday morning.

At just 5-months old, Zen Scott Cannon succumbed to his unfortunate battle with brain cancer over the weekend. While on The Nick Cannon Show, Cannon shared the news with the studio audience and viewers that, specifically, a condition named hydrocephalus took his life. According to the Wild ‘N Out creator, hydrocephalus is “pretty much a malignant, evasive, midline brain tumor.”

Along with his therapist, Nick Cannon mustered up the courage to appear on the show and express his grief along with the details of his son’s battle with hydrocephalus. Cannon and Scott began to observe that Zen had a persistent “cough” along with “interesting breathing” that propelled them to get him checked out. When Zen was two months old, the Masked Singer host states that they recognized the shape of his head, which he described as a “Cannon’s head” and thought nothing of it initially. However, they proceeded to take him to the doctor to check on his breathing and sinuses.

What they thought would just be “routine” visits turned out to be much more shocking news for both parents. Cannon and model Alyssa Scott were alerted of the brain tumor and the fluid that had been developing in his head. Zen underwent surgery in an attempt to remedy the condition, however, his health began to decline around Thanksgiving.

Cannon’s weekend was devoted to spending time with Zen in his last moments. “We woke up on Sunday and went to the ocean with him and Alyssa and then I had to fly back to New York for the show,” he shared with viewers. The unfortunate call that he needed to return to his son’s side made him immediately turn back.

Zen Scott Cannon, aka “Z Chillin,” was born on June 23, 2021. Alyssa Scott posted beautiful black and white images to commemorate the birth of her son, promising to love him for eternity in the post’s caption. A proud Nick Cannon would also take to social media to celebrate the birth of his seventh child. He also declared on his Power 106 FM radio show that this was “not an accident.”

While Alyssa Scott has not made an official statement, a video of Zen could be seen on her Instagram Stories where she asks the toddler how he slept and about his dreams. Zen was seen affectionately smiling back at his mother while in the subsequent Story posts, other photos and videos are posted in his memory. “Good job!” Scott says to Zen in another video where she tells him to wave goodbye to his father and he willingly does so while smiling. Our deepest and sincerest prayers and condolences go out to both Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott, as well as the entire family.

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