Nick Cannon Reveals He’s Tested Every Week and Make Sure All Of His Women Are Taking Care Of Themselves Too

Nick Cannon is a very in-demand man. The handsome television personality has his pick of women, and as we can tell from his ever-expanding family, he takes every chance to enjoy himself with the ladies. With that, of course, comes a big responsibility; not only does Cannon have to be careful since he’s prone to knocking girls up, but he also has to protect himself and them from all the other complications that can come from unprotected intimacy. So how does Nick make sure everyone’s taken care of? 

Nick Cannon Has 8 Children With 5 Women

Nick Cannon became a father for the first time with Mariah Carey back in April 2011 with twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon. It was not till 2017 that he’d welcome his 3rd child, Golden Cannon, with Brittany Bell. By 2020 he and Brittany were on to baby #2 together, Power Queen Cannon. Twins Zillion Heir & Zion Mixolydian would come in June of 2021 to mother, Abby De La Rosa. That same month they would welcome their brother Zen to his mother, Alyssa Scott. By the end of the year, the news would surface of an 8th child with Bre Tiesi. In total, he has eight children with five different women. 

In January 2022, Nick Cannon Revealed He’s Expecting Baby Number 8

The announcement of baby number 8 with Bre Tiesi came at an interesting time for Cannon. The mogul had announced the previous summer that he would be taking a vow of celibacy, later admitting that Bre was already pregnant at that time and one of the reasons he’d decided to slow down. While he had been a lot more forthright with his previous pregnancy announcements, Nick tried to keep baby number 8 a little more hush out of respect for Alyssa Scott due to their son Zen passing away in December from a brain tumor. Nick felt it was in poor taste to announce his new child so close to the passing of Zen; however, paparazzi leaked photos from Bre’s baby show. As of last week, she is still pregnant, according to her IG, with baby eight due any day now. 

In June 2022, Nick Cannon Revealed He’s Expecting Baby Number 9

Last week Abby De La Rose sent fans into a frenzy when she announced that she was pregnant again and would be documenting her journey on OnlyFans. She teased that she could possibly be having twins but did not reveal if Nick Cannon was the father. “I’M PREGNANT 🥰Another set of twins?! Follow me on ONLY FANS to find out more (LINK IN BIO),” she caption the celebratory post.

Fans in the comments immediately pointed to Cannon as the father. One confused fan said, “So, Nick knocks up Bre while Alyssa is helping her baby battle brain cancer. Then, he knocks up Abby at the time Alyssa’s baby passes away? These folks are zero class.” In his own attempt to confuse fans or possibly just drive traffic to Abby’s OF, Nick admitted that another baby was on the way in an interview with Angela Yee but did not confess who the mother was. “Let’s put it this way, the stork is on the way,” he told Yee. 

Nick Cannon Gets Tested Weekly

Nick Cannon talked about sexual health with Angela Yee on her podcast Lip Service after Yee explained concerns over him giving his women ‘BV’. Nick says he’s read the comments and wanted to break down his process for those wondering how he keeps himself and his partners healthy. “Every other week, I have to get blood work done for my lupus,” he explains. So when he does that blood work, he makes sure to get tested for everything else. Nick Cannon says he has to be super careful and understands his responsibility as someone with multiple partners. In many cases he has to be even healthier than them to insure that his lupus does not take over.

Lupus Nearly Took The Actor’s Life

Nick Cannon has explained in the past how his Lupus has motivated him to live life to the fullest because he believes he will die young. he told Howard Stern a few years back how his diagnosis changed the way he viewed life. “When you experience near-death situations, life-threatening situations, it’s honest, it’s real. I feel like, ‘Yo, I’m running out of time.’ I don’t fear it; I welcome it! I’m living life like ‘f— I might die in the morning, so let’s [have fun] all night! So why wear condoms? I might not be here tomorrow!'”

Always in on the joke, Nick debuted a commercial earlier today for Ryan Reynold’s Aviator Gin when he showed fans how to make his signature cocktail, ‘Vasectomy,’ ahead of Father’s Day.

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