Nick Cannon Launches New Show To Find His 7th Baby Momma, Called “Who’s Having My Baby?”

Nick Cannon is not shy about his family life. He also knows how to keep a job. So it makes sense that the father of over a dozen would be looking to cash in with a program geared towards his ever-expanding tribe. Nick Cannon has teamed up with E! and Kevin Hart for a series geared towards helping him find his next baby mother. 

Nick Cannon’s child count is hard to follow these days. After stepping into fatherhood with Mariah Carey, Nick has gotten a handful of other women knocked up and brought his kid count up to over ten children. Nick’s kids are Monroe, Morrocan, Golden, Powerful, Zion, Zillion, Zen, Legendary, Onyx, Rise, Beautiful, and Halo. Cannon flaunts his various families all over Instagram and has made it clear that he spends as much time shuffling between households as he does shuffling between the sets of his various shows. 

Nick Cannon is currently the host of FOX’s hit series The Masked Singer. In addition to that, he still hosts Wild N’ Out and tours with the cast, recently wrapping up a handful of shows with a sold-out Madison Square Garden set. Cannon is also on the radio every morning with his Nick Cannon Show, not to be mistaken with his scrapped talk show from 2021. Nick has also been trying to help future stars get discovered with a new tour featuring the likes of 24kGolden and Symba. “Pull up to the Future Superstar Tour 2023 officially kicking off THIS WEEKEND, 2/25 & 2/26 in #LA & #Anaheim! See #Symba #24kGoldn #HitmanHolla & MORE LIVE! 🔥🎤💯Grab your tickets now at the link in bio!” he said in a post advertising the tour.

All this work might make it hard for Nick to see his 12 kids, but he makes sure to post them as much as possible. The holiday season was jam-packed for Nick, with most of his posts between Thanksgiving and New Year’s showing off his different children, many of which are still babies. Cannon jokes that he spent most of Christmas driving from house to house like Santa Claus. 

So why on earth would Cannon want to make more children? For TV, of course. Nick Cannon will be the focal point of a new series titled Who’s Having my Baby?, hosted by Kevin Hart. The dating show looks to have Cannon speed date a handful of women on stage, asking questions to help determine which one he wants to have his baby next. Calling it “the mother of all game shows,” E! jokes that the series is not “KIDding around” and that they are really trying to help Cannon find the next woman of his life. 

The contestants are women who have signed up to procreate with the former Nickelodeon star. Nick jokingly says, “eenie meenie miney mo” and he counts the women on stage. People in the comments are very confused and not sure if this is real. “My sense of humor must be dry like Popeyes biscuit ’cause I don’t see the humor in this,” said one person. 

Nick Cannon recently spoke about having more children. The actor stated he’ll be done when God decides he’s done.

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