Nick Cannon ‘First Black Baby’ Trending After People Discover He Finally Had Baby With A Black Woman

“Congratulations are in order for Nick Cannon” is probably the most overused headline at this point. However, congratulatory messages are definitely in order for the media mogul as his ninth child has officially entered the world. But this time, the Internet is coming different with jokes that, for the first time, a Black baby was “shot out of the Cannon.”

Nick Cannon’s first children came from his first and only marriage to superstar Mariah Carey, who is biracial. The “Butterfly” singer was born to a white mother, and her father was an African-American and Venezuelan man. Their twins, Monroe and Moroccan Scott were born in April 2011.  

After his divorce from Mariah Carey was finalized, Nick Cannon was reported to begin dating model Brittany Bell. The Sun reports that the former Phoenix Suns dancer hails from the island of Guam. According to her Miss Universe Pageant profile, Bell’s heritage comes from a mother born of Chamorro descent. At the same time, her father is mixed with Native American, West Indian, and African-American ethnicities. They share two children together, and it’s reported that she’s carrying his tenth child.

Nick Cannon’s following children came along with DJ Abby De La Rosa. The Los Angeles-born international DJ gave birth to his next set of twins and is reportedly carrying his eleventh child. Multiple reports claim that -she is African-American. However, The Things shares that she also comes from a Mexican heritage.

Nick Cannon also had a child with model Alyssa Scott, whom he met on Wild ‘N Out. The two shared a son named Zen; however, he tragically passed away at five months. According to reports, Scott is from Austin, but her parents hail from the Caribbean.

Bre Tiesi is the mother of Nick Cannon’s eighth child, Legendary Love Cannon. Her mother is Debra Tiesi, who is Sicilian. However, Bre Tiesi was born in Calabasas, California.

Finally, his ninth child, Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, was born to model Lanisha Cole on September 14. Fans have noticed the difference with Cole as her skin has a much darker hue than his other children’s mothers. According to her official website, she’s from Los Angeles. However, her family hails from Panama.

Social media has offered congratulatory posts to the parents. However, many posts highlight that Nick Cannon finally has his first Black baby. You can read a few here.

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