Nick Cannon Feeling Guilty After Having 8 Children and Not Enough Time

Nick Cannon jokes have been running rampant lately, especially amid the baby formula shortage. The multi-talented entrepreneur is the father of what seems to be a mini-army. And although he’s an unapologetic father of seven children with one on the way, Nick Cannon might be done now due to some new feelings that have sprung up. That would be guilt.

Last year, the Masked Singer host shared that the sowing of his royal oats within a short period of time is by no means an accident, as he shared on his morning show on Los Angeles radio station Power 106. In fact, he’s gearing up to drop another child with model Bre Tiesi in the coming months.

Cannon shared a moment with TMZ where he confessed at the time that he had plans on producing more children as long as God saw fit. Oh, but how the tables have turned. Recently, Nick Cannon opened up to feeling “guilty” lately, especially following the untimely death of his five-month-old newborn, Zen. The television personality explained to therapist Dr. Laura Berman on his talk show that Zen’s passing sort of propelled the feeling that he was not there for his children as much as he would like to be.

Not only was Cannon feeling the guilt of not being able to spend time with Zen and the remainder of his surviving children, but he was also feeling the pressure of not providing for the children’s mothers as he’d like. But throughout the “backpack of guilt” that he’s carried, Nick Cannon continues to work hard to give his children the life they deserve.

But recently, Cannon expressed that he might be taking steps to cease babymaking. The comedian spoke with Justin Sylvester and Loni Love for Daily Pop, where he affirmed that he loves his children. Still, he claims that he went to “get a vasectomy consultation,” changing his previous tune. He also shares that he still feels the guilt of not having enough time to spend with his children, as he works a lot. But Nick Cannon does his best to go all out for each of his children. “I want to be in every aspect of their life,” he said.

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