Nick Cannon Being Blamed For The Shortage In Baby Formula

Every day in this country, it would appear that there arises a new issue. From the toilet paper shortages to water to gas prices, America seems to be losing it. But now, mothers and newborn babies have been suffering as of late due to an unfortunate formula shortage. Of course, there are reasons for the deficit, but Twitter users have already surmised who the main culprit is. According to Twitter, Nick Cannon is to blame.

Multiple reports have stated that the national crisis began in February when Abbott Laboratories, America’s largest baby formula manufacturer located in Sturgis, Michigan, issued a recall. According to Reuters, four children in the United States fell severely ill after consuming formula produced by the company. 

Because of the recall, mothers nationwide have been searching endlessly for a substitute to feed their children. Yet, as per Datasembly’s recent report, noted to be “the leading provider of real-time product pricing, promotions, and assortment data for retailers and [consumer packaged goods],” the percentage that retailers are out of stock is at 43%.

Mom groups and other forums on social media are filled with mothers joining together in the hopes of finding the plug for baby formula. Multiple social media posts show families desperately in need. However, as the FDA continues to investigate Abbott Laboratories’ practices, the company maintains that the cases of illnesses reported were not related to their formula, Reuters reports.

Meanwhile, the White House has announced plans to establish both the Defense Production Act and Operation Fly Formula due to the national outcry. With the Defense Production Act, the Biden Administration explains they will safeguard the “necessary ingredients” to produce “safe, healthy infant formula.” Just as well, CNN reports that by utilizing the Operation Fly Formula program, they have obtained a “first batch of infant formula” from overseas that they are gearing up to import to the U.S. 

However, social media has another reason for the national shortage. Many are beginning to jokingly blame entrepreneur and serial baby maker Nick Cannon. Cannon is the father of seven children with four different women, if you recall. However, his eighth child with Bre Tiesi (his fifth baby’s mother) will be born any minute now.

One person wrote that the Masked Singer host should be “held accountable for the baby shortage.” Another Twitter user wrote, “I’m not Saying Nick Cannon is the reason for the baby formula shortage But I’m also not NOT saying that.”

Nick Cannon is not the only celebrity to catch heat for potentially causing the baby formula shortage. Singer and sometimes reality star Keke Wyatt was also blamed by social media, as she is the mother of ten children, with an 11th on the way. However, others have also listed rapper Future as the reason, as he reportedly has around 7 children.

Check out some hilarious tweets below.

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