Nick Cannon Baby Mama, Abby De La Rosa Claims Her ‘Nick Cannon Branded’ Car Was Keyed

Nick Cannon is a hard-working man. Arguably one of the things he’s worked hardest at in recent years has been expanding his family. Nick is currently a father of 8 children with five different women. One of those women, Abby De La Rosa, recently shared she’s been getting targeted by people anytime she drives her Nick Cannon branded vehicles. Abby seems to think it might be one of the other ladies doing this. Could there be trouble amongst the baby mamas?

Obviously, the biggest question posed by fans in 2021 was how the women involved with Nick Cannon dealt with the unique family dynamic. At one point last year, Nick welcomed three babies in the same month with two different women, twins Zion Mixolydian Cannon & Zillion Heir Cannon, and their late brother Zen Cannon. Powerful Queen Cannon was born a few months earlier to a separate woman, meaning it’s possible that Nick had all three ladies knocked up at the same time.

Nick seems to portray the idea that everyone is happy and getting along, frequently sharing pictures of the blended family for holidays and special occasions. However, during an interview for his now-canceled talk show, Nick admitted that the women tolerate each other but are not really friends. He explained to Dr. Laura Berman that the women are not “sister wives” and that they do not practice polygamy. However, Nick does allude to still having sexual relationships with several of them, something that can often be confusing for all parties involved.

For Zion and Zillion’s mom Abby, this has put a bit of a target on her back, she believes. The socialite took to IG live to discuss a situation in which her car was keyed at the grocery store. She says she saw a woman side-eye her before pulling her man closer and storming away. Abby says she saw the angry woman several more times before exiting the store. “I keep having to pass them, I’m grocery shopping minding my business.”

Upon leaving, she noticed her car had a massive scratch along the side. “My whole car, the whole driver side, is keyed. And her car is gone. And I’m like, did this girl really think I wanted her man?! I was shocked. I was overwhelmed.” Abby seemed to take the situation in stride, laughing through telling the story. She explains that she had no intention of approaching the woman’s man and that he was not even her type. Abby goes on to say that “this was the weirdest experience. Unfortunately, my car got keyed because of it. Don’t worry about me. We’re going to fix the car.” Abby says she was happy that she did not have her kids present and that the women did not pick a fight with her directly.

She called Nick Cannon up instantly and said, “this better not be one of your ex chicks or new chicks or one of your other BMs!” Abby then laughs this off and says she was only joking.

Abby then goes on to tell another story about a time someone threw a shake at her car when she first got it. This car happened to have Nick Cannon’s logo all over the vehicle. She decided immediately after to remove his logo because it clearly was attracting the wrong attention.

Considering Nick’s explanation of how he navigates the women in his life, it would not be shocking that one of them would try to harass the other. In the same interview with Dr. Laura, Nick admitted to not having any real boundaries with the mothers of his kids. He also opened up about the great deal of grief he felt after losing Zen. He worried about how the public would perceive him because he already had another woman, Bre Tiesi, pregnant. To not deal with the grief or guilt, Nick said he threw himself further into his work, making his relationships with all the women more strained. “I’m guilty that the mothers of my children yearn for more, and I can only give so much,” he shared with Berman. Would this be cause for some of them to be at odds? Maybe certain mothers are jealous of the relationships of others?

OG baby mother Mariah Carey seems far removed from any of this drama. She joked during an interview last Christmas that there are no “step-siblings” in her house when asked if her children’s brothers and sisters are invited to Christmas. “Is it step? I don’t think it’s step. If you’re not married to the person, I don’t know about that. That’s a different interview for you,” she told ET.

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