Nia Long Gets Emotional Discussing The Last Few Months Of Her Life, But Remains Optimistic

Nia Long is heavy on the promotional run for her projects You People and Missing. She is only a few weeks removed from the Best Man press junket and only a couple of months removed from the cheating scandal that broke up her home. While she has been the vision of confidence and beauty at all her red carpet stops, Long recently let the emotions shine through during a touching discussion about her friend Will Smith.

Nia Long just did a segment for Yahoo! called Role Recall. In it, she goes over some of the past projects she has been a part of. When discussing her time on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Long had nothing but nice things to say about co-star Will Smith. While applauding Will’s ability to always bring light to a room and the burden he had for years as America’s sweetheart, Long reminds people that the ability to keep smiling thought pain is a true gift.

Long acknowledged her last few months and how she’s powered through. She got emotional while declaring, “I’ve had some pretty devastating moments in my life, and i’ve had to just say, ‘it’s alright you’ll pick yourself back up.'” She stops for a moment to say, “oh my god, I’m about to cry,” before reassuring herself, “you pick yourself back up, and you keep it moving.” The touching moment was followed by silence between her and the interviewer as he took in her honestly, thanking her shortly after.

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