Newly Divorced Cynthia Bailey Reveals She’ll Be Returning To Real Housewives Of Atlanta As A Friend

Cynthia Bailey is returning to reality television after a brief stint away. The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG left the show following her marriage to Mike Hill. Now that she is newly divorced, it is time for her to come back on the small screen and entertain fans once again on the hit Bravo series.

Cynthia Bailey has lived out her life on television for several years. The entirety of her first marriage to Peter Thomas was a major plot point for her on Real Housewives. We saw the duo transition from dating to married and right into divorce over seven years. We rooted for Bailey, and she tried to find love again and championed her relationship with sports personality Mike Hill.

Cynthia wanted to make sure things with Mike worked out, so after appearing on the show together and introducing everyone to their blended family, they stepped away from the series to focus on their union. Unfortunately, before celebrating their second wedding anniversary, it appeared the pair had split. Mike had already cast doubts on their marriage earlier in the year when he announced they fought their entire first anniversary. They announced it was over in October.

Fans have been speculating what happened, despite a joint statement saying that the divorce was amicable. News outlets got a hold of some documents that allege Mike cheated, which his legal team claims is a clerical error. Meanwhile, Bailey has moved back to Atlanta and is jumping back onto the small screen, rejoining housewives as a “friend.”

She released a statement about her return, saying, “now that I’m spending more time back in Atlanta at Lake Bailey, I’m like, ‘I may as well go and play with the girls a little bit.'” This does not mean Bailey is losing sight of her acting work, and she claims she will still be pouring into other ventures. “I do miss hanging out with the ladies a little bit. I have some great friendships with some of the girls, and I just want to still be able to do pursue my acting,” she told SUAVV magazine.

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