Tristan Thompson Is Bringing In $800K Monthly, But His Baby Mother Claims She’s Raising Their Child With $0 Income

Maralee Nichols is trying to keep up with the Kardashians in real life. The new mother shares a child with Khloe Kardashian’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, and is hoping her son can have the same luxuries as Tristan’s other kids. Maralee and Tristan are currently in court trying to settle their child support case, and Maralee reveals that she actually makes $0 currently. As a result, she is asking for big bucks to ensure that her newborn can ball like his siblings.

It was recently reported that the cost to raise a child per year in the United States is $12,980. This amount is raised substantially when it comes to celebrity children, who are expected to be able to live the same lavish lifestyle as their superstar folks. As we can see from the newest Kardashian series on Hulu, these kids have the latest gadgets, coolest clothes, and the most over-the-top parties.

Tristan shares one child with Khloe Kardashian, True Thompson. True is exceptionally well taken care of because both her parents are racking in the dough. Tristian is reportedly makes about $810,075 a month, while Khloe is estimated to be worth about $50 million.

Tristan’s firstborn, Prince, does not have a superstar mommy, but he is also living very well. Court documents from the case between Tristan and Maralee state that Prince and his mother are awarded about $40k a month and live in a mansion in Los Angeles.

Eager to raise her son, three-month-old Theo, at the same level, Maralee is asking for reportedly $47,424 a month to fund their lives. In addition to this, she is requesting Tristan cover her lawyer fees, which are already over $1 million.

Not only is Maralee very aware of how well taken care of Tristan’s other kids are, but reportedly she had a lifestyle pre-baby that she is eager to keep up with as well. The former personal trainer and model say that before getting knocked up by Thompson, she was used to spending about $5000 a month on clothes alone. She also spends about $3k on food and expenses.

Due to her new baby and covid restrictions, Nichols claims she is currently making no money and living with a roommate. Tristan has reportedly given her no money to date, and the two had a very public dispute over paternity earlier this year. It resulted in Tristan taking to social media to admit he was the father of the child after months of doubts. At the time, he promised to be in Theo’s life and do his best to co-parent with Nichols. He also apologized to Khloe for the constant embarrassment.

Tristan is obviously not happy about this whole ordeal. In addition to having to publicly apologize, he has yet to post his new baby. He currently has siblings Prince and True on his Instagram photo. Some believe that Tristan selling his house in Los Angeles might be in connection to the case as well. He is currently playing for the Chicago Bulls and relocating, but some speculate that mounting child support causes forced him to sell it faster and under the market value just to save some money.

Do you think Tristan and Maralee will reach an agreement soon?

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