Naturi Naughton’s Daughter Approves Engagement To Music Exec, Two

Queens star Naturi Naughton is getting ready to tie the knot. The television star has been engaged for over two years now but has been keeping her man out of the public eye while she took time to get to know him first. Now they are finally opening up about their union and sharing some beautiful details about their love, including how her fiance proposed to her four-year-old daughter as well.

Taking the step to propose to a woman is a huge deal. You are asking her to take your hand in marriage and spend her life with you. This is even more important when you are courting a woman with children. A good man would make sure the children feel seen and not left out in the whole equation. It is also important to ask them what they want and if they are open to having you as their step-parent or parental figure.

Naturi’s new beau is a man named Two, who she met through her Power co-star Omari Hardwick. Two is a big deal in the music industry, and like Naturi was not rushing to announce their relationship until they both felt they’d really gotten to know each other. They incorporated a one-year rule and took that time to really court one another and get to know how their union would work for them and those around them. This included Naturi’s four-year-old Zuri.

Naturi claims that Two took his time to get to know Zuri and ensure she was comfortable with him joining this family. This meant also creating a bond with her father, Naturi’s ex Ben, to make sure he was also on board with Two coming into Zuri’s life.

Ben and Naturi were together for a long time but called it quits after their daughter was born. Naturi recalled feeling inadequate in their union and feeling like he had lost love for her after the baby, and maybe she stayed in the relationship a little too long. Despite this, they have forged a good co-parenting situation, and Ben has been really open to Two joining their family and being in Zuri’s life.

To make everything official, when Two proposed to Naturi on Christmas 2020, he also proposed to Zuri. In addition to Naturi’s ring, he also gave Zuri one to show her that he is not just marrying mommy but both of them. Naturi says that Two has emerged as a real father figure for Zuri. He always tries to treat her mother well and show her what she should expect from a man when she is old enough to date and marry. Zuri is set to be the flower girl at their wedding, where Omari Hardwich will also serve as Two’s best man.

This is becoming a common occurrence, and you can find several instances online of men proposing to their future wives’ kids as well, letting them know that they are committing themselves to the entire family and not just mom. Do you think this should become the norm for men looking to marry women with children?

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