Ms. Robbie & Tim Norman’s Relationship Has Been Strain By Lawsuits & The Loss Of Her Grandson, But She’s Not Turning On Him

Miss Robbie is going through some perilous times. No mother, at any age, wants to see their children in any challenging situation. Unfortunately for Miss Robbie, her life has been seemingly filled with multiple losses. And now, the soul food restauranteur has to cope with her son’s insane legal issues. But through it all, Miss Robbie has chosen to stand in support of her son.

Miss Robbie’s Sweetie Pies Has Won Two NAACP Image Awards

Robbie Montgomery, aka “Miss Robbie,” is a woman that wears many hats. In her 81 years, she’s achieved much in the music, television, and business worlds.   The Mississippi-born, St. Louis-raised icon got her start singing in the church, as is the story of many. But although gospel was her roots, Miss Robbie and two of her childhood friends felt the pull to sing doo-wop. From there, they started a group that eventually would lead them to sing backup for Ike Turner.  

Miss Robbie released her own solo music as well. In 1963, her single “Crazy In Love” / “Pee Wee (B-side)” was released under Ike Turner’s Teena Records.   However, Miss Robbie developed a rare condition called sarcoidosis that halted her music career. With her already serving as a cook on the road with Ike and Tina Turner, Miss Robbie decided to take her talents and open a restaurant. Alongside her son, James Timothy Norman, Miss Robbie opened the doors of the soul food restaurant “Sweetie Pie’s,” located in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1996.

Because of the restaurant’s success and Miss Robbie’s story, she secured a reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN in 2011. The series proved to be a success, running for 9 seasons on the network and winning two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Reality Series.  However, the Montgomery family was soon marred with an unfortunate and horrific tragedy involving the passing of Miss Robbie’s grandson, Andre Montgomery Jr., a frequent cast member on the show. Things would take a mighty turn when it was revealed that Miss Robbie’s son, Tim Norman, was allegedly behind Andre Jr.’s passing.

Miss Robbie Lost Her Best Friend Months After Tim Norman Was Taken Into Custody

In March 2016, Andre Montgomery Jr. was fatally wounded in a tragic crime at his house. According to TMZ, Miss Robbie believed that her grandson was set up due to details surrounding the incident at the time. But the family was thrown for a loop when points arose that her son, Tim Norman, was allegedly involved. On August 18, 2020, Tim Norman was apprehended in connection to Andre’s passing, according to a report by CNNMore details arose that Norman allegedly hired an exotic dancer, Terica Ellis, to carry out the crime. Documents also state that Norman obtained multiple life insurance policies on his nephew in November 2014. 

At the time of the arrest, Miss Robbie expressed via text message to journalist April Simpson that she was “weak and can’t make a statement.” However, she thanked fans for their prayers and support of her and her son. All of this transpired around the time Miss Robbie made claims that she was being kept from seeing Tim Norman’s son. In a series of videos captured by The Jasmine Brand, the reality star stated that her grandson’s mother was withholding her from seeing him over money.

More personal tragedy hit for Miss Robbie just six months after her son was locked up. She took to social media to announce the passing of her “sister” and best friend Jessie Smith Lucas, with whom she was an Ikette. “You will never be forgotten,” Miss Robbie wrote on Instagram. But through it all, Miss Robbie persevered. In 2021, she released her new single, “Ain’t My Stuff Good Enough.” This was a return to her “first love,” as she told Enspire in an interview. 

Miss Robbie Sued Her Son Tim Norman In 2016

Miss Robbie’s relationship with Tim Norman has not always been the greatest. Ebony obtained court documents showing a lawsuit between Miss Robbie and her son over trademark infringement due to him opening other locations in California and St. Louis. The mother and son duo eventually went on The Real to discuss their suit, with Miss Robbie declaring that she loved her son “regardless” of their issues. This sentiment remains with his current legal dramas. During an interview with Black Enterprise, Miss Robbie expressed that she was in deep prayers for her son and was standing by her family. “After all, everyone has to realize he hasn’t been found guilty,” she said at the time. “That’s what he’s accused of, so we don’t know what happened.”

Now That Tim Norman Has Been Found Guilty, Miss Robbie Continues To Support Him

More details have come out recently surrounding the case. According to Black Enterprise, Travell Hill has pled guilty for his part in the horrific crime and pinpointed Tim Norman as the mastermind.   But through it all, Miss Robbie is still standing beside her son. “That’s what mothers do until death do us part,” she said during a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand. She also shared that she doesn’t have any more information on the case than fans.

Fans in the comment section shared their support for Miss Robbie, who understands a mother’s love. “Mothers love is unconditional!!! Please don’t judge if you have not been in that situation. It’s easy to judge until you see yourself there, she is carrying and dealing with the pain, the best she can. It’s sad, something that no family wants to deal with. 😢 I pray for strength and peace for her,” wrote a fan.”

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