Ms. Robbie Heartbroken, Pleads With Judge  For Mercy On Son, Tim Norman, Doesn’t Believe He Deserves Sentencing  

Fans of singer and restaurateur Robbie Montgomery are all talking today after it was revealed her son Tim Norman would be serving life behind bars. The former Ikette had been praying for a miracle in his case, which resulted in the passing of her grandson Andre Montgomery. New reports are surfacing about her final request for the judge before his sentence was handed to him.

The family would eventually score a series titled Welcome to Sweetie Pies in 2011 on the OWN Network. It ran through 2018 and followed the family through various plot points. One of them is Robbie moving Andre Jr. to St. Louis to be closer to her and have a better life. Tensions between Andre and his uncle Tim would become apparent, and Tim eventually did the unthinkable, organizing Andre’s murder.

Robbie Montgomery has suffered a lot of loss in her life. The 82-year-old Mississippi native had her first son Andre Montgomery Sr. in 1961 with musician Art Lassiter. Andre would lose his life in 1995 in Los Angeles. He left behind his son, Andre Montgomery Jr. Montgomery had her second son, James Timothy Norman, in 1979. Robbie has a very close relationship with Tim and eventually made him a manager at her Sweetie Pie’s restaurant on Manchester Avenue in St. Louis.

Robbie has stood by her son every step of the way, at several points alluding to not believing him to be capable of harming his nephew. It’s been reported that Andre tried to warn Robbie that Tim was after him, but she did not take his concerns seriously. Tim says he was trying to be a father figure for his nephew and only took out the insurance policy to give his family friend Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam some business.

While Miss. Robbie was not asked to speak during the trial, she did submit a letter in support of her son before his sentencing. In her letter, she pleaded for mercy. “As a mother, I am devastated that my son has been accused and convicted of the crimes. But I am pleading to God through you for mercy. Tim is my only living son. I lost my other son to violence in the streets of Los Angeles when Tim was only 15 years old.”

Montgomery does not seem to provide any evidence in support of her son, but instead says that the grief of losing Andre Sr, Andre Jr, and now possibly Tim was “more than a mother should have to carry into the sunset of her life.” She asked that the judge would shine some hope on their family for redemption.

Mongomery says in her letter that the man presented to the court is not the man she raised or knows. “The long-term scheming and plotting that was outlined at trial is not the man I have known.”

Tim released his own statement to social media declaring his innocence a week before getting life. “I did not do those insurance policies. The jury didn’t get to hear that. They destroyed my name.”

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