Ms. Robbie Forced To Turn Off Social Media Comments After Being Called Out Following Tim Norman’s Verdict

Tim Norman has been found guilty in the case of putting a hit on his nephew. The reality star has been involved in a lengthy trial and has maintained his innocence over the years despite everyone else involved admitting guilt. Even his mother, Ikette Robbie Montgomery, maintained that her son was innocent until proven guilty and believed the world was just beating up on him. Now that he has been charged, people are expressing their disappointment in the matriarch for turning a blind eye to what her son did. 

Tim Norman was found guilty of three charges. His lawyers plan to appeal the case, stating that Mr. Norman has already suffered enough and served plenty of time during the trial. They also told the judge to have sympathy for him because he “had to sit through the deliberations by himself, and he’s a very strong person.” The judge did not agree and said that Tim Norman was motivated by greed and had “voluminous and overwhelming” amounts of evidence working against him. All roads lead to his December 15th sentence, where Norman is “looking at a statutory penalty range of up to life imprisonment.”

Over on social media, people are happy to see justice served for Andre Montgomery. One person who was a close acquaintance of Andre tweeted, “The day we buried you #andremontgomery I made a promise to you I would take care of our lil brother, And Tim Norman was found GUILTY! We already knew who it was anyways from the beginning, I love you My Brother finally can Rest In Peace.”  Another person recalled the episode when Tim took his mother to the site of Andre’s passing.

Tim’s nephew had originally moved to St. Louis in hopes of a better life following his fathers passing and was struggling to get on his feet. Evidence states that he had reached out to his grandmother and expressed fear of Tim, worrying that he was after him. It is unclear how Ms. Robbie responded at the time and why she did not do more to help him, but one fan with some inside tea tweeted about how Andre was being treated and how it seemed like they were all setting him up to fail from the start. 

“#MissRobbie is gonna bust hell wide open for the way she treated Andre & allowed #TimNorman to treat him. I’m sitting here listening to his momma describe how they had him living in the ‘slums,’ not allowed to even use their cars. She cursed him out & said he wasn’t her grandson.” This person went on to say that the family had no regard for Andre and he seldom had food to eat or survive. At his funeral, several family members dismissed him saying things like “you knew he was a thug,” despite this not being the case in real life.

More people called out Ms. Robbie for not believing her grandson and supporting Tim. “Miss Robbie has to live with the fact that she didn’t believe her grandson and cursed him out before [his life was taken]. Now her childbearing hips having son will be in jail for life. Good,” tweeted one person. Another said “I don’t feel that bad for Miss Robbie because she kept taking up for Tim. She enabled the monster in more ways than one. So that’s her burden to bear. I hope this is finally enough to make her jump ship.” 

For people who followed the show, they acknowledge what an overall tragedy this is for a family that has suffered so much loss already.  Ms. Robbie has yet to respond despite fans demanding she atone for her son and her silence. She’s turned off comments on her posts.

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