Ms. Robbie Forced To Close Another Location Days After Tim Norman Receives His Sentencing

Robbie Montgomery worked hard her whole life to build a legacy for her family. The former Ikette toured the world before settling back in her hometown of St. Louis, MO. There, she grew her family and build her business. Sadly, it would also be the place where she’s seemingly lost it all.

Montgomery’s restaurant was a blessing to her and her family. She grew her business after having to stop music due to a collapsed lung that made it impossible for her to sing. While she initially worked as a dialysis technician, Robbie quickly realized she could turn her mother’s soul food recipes into a business. The first Sweetie Pies was opened in Dellwood, MO in 1996. At the time, Robbie got a lot of praise for hiring men who’ve served time to work her shops. She already had a soft side for those struggling after losing her eldest son Andre Montgomery in 1995. Sadly she would lose her grandson years later.

A few weeks ago, her son Tim was sentenced to life. Ms. Robbie has taken it hard, even pleading with the courts to give him a lesser sentence so that she is not completely alone in her final years. Unfortunately, that does not seem possible for Tim. Ms. Robbie is now faced with the closure of several of her locations. Her Upper Crust established announced its closure in late 2022. It was revealed that the city was moving the business out of the way to make space for a massive hospital project in the area. Their final day was September 25th, 2022.

Robbie released a video to her IG showing the location’s last day of business. “Thank you all so much for the many years of support❤️,” she said in one post. “The closure of the cafeteria-style restaurant and banquet hall at 3643 Delmar Boulevard wrapped a made-for-TV chapter and a 25-year run for one of St. Louis,” she said in a second post.

Well now, mere weeks after discovering the fate of her son, Robbie’s team has announced yet another one of her locations closing. The Jackson, MI branch she opened four years ago closed its doors that week. According to local news, “Owner Robbie Montgomery said she closed the doors to her business last week due to unforeseen circumstances.”

It is unclear how Tim’s legal issues have impacted business and if Robbie plans to close any other locations. She has not posted about her son since his sentencing.

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