Ms. Juicy’s Family Shuts Down Rumors Of Her $2M Net Worth, Launches GoFundMe To Help With Bills

Ms. Juicy Baby was born Shirlene King Pearson on January 4, 1972. The Corsicana, Texas native became famous to the world as part of the cast of the Lifetime series Little Women: Atlanta. The 4ft tall reality star was born with dwarfism. She is renowned for her spunky personality, which has resulted in several viral videos and gifs.

Despite being a television star, Ms. uicy is notoriously private, and little is known about her personal life outside of what she’s shared. Her nickname stems from her tattoo “Juicy Enuff,” and she often calls herself the “Queen of Atlanta Boo.”  Juicy began her Little Women journey as a guest star in 2016 but was promoted to full-time cast by season two. Juicy has said she loves the show because it allows people to see that little women can do the same things as everyone else. 

Ms. Juicy Car Incident Changed Her Life

In 2019, Ms. Juicy had a dramatic weight loss ahead of the 5th season of Little Women: Atlanta. This life change was reportedly brought on following a terrifying double hit and run accident. 

Speaking with MadamNoire, the Little Women reality star explained that she was hit by two semi-trucks on either side of her car. The frightening ordeal prompted her to get back to life and back into the gym the moment she was better. 

Ms. Juicy explained that the desire to get healthy was also inspired by her becoming a boss and how Little Women was shifting its focus to the women trying to break into Atlanta’s hip-hop scene. She wanted to look and feel the part and, at the time, claims she’d lost upwards of 30lbs.  Juicy says she brought a swimsuit she really wanted to fit into and made sure to look at it every day during her weight loss journey.

The following year, Ms. Juicy’s life would be shaken up again following the passing of her co-star, Ashley “Minnie” Ross in 2020. In an Instagram post the reality star stated, ‘This is too much too much,” praying for Minnie’s family.  Minnie and Juicy shared a love-hate relationship on screen. Juicy frequently accused Minnie of trying to be like her, stating during a Ricky Smiley interview in 2019 that she was never sure if they’d be able to have a decent friendship. 

Ms. Juicy’s 2021 Incident

As Ms. Juicy’s star continued to rise, so did the drama, apparently. In 2021, the television personality took to social media to reveal she’d been struck in the face by a fellow cast member. The incident took place at Nouveau Bar & Grill in College Park, Georgia.

The incident included fellow cast members Amanda and Andrea Salinas, and Abira Greene. Juicy was reportedly trying to break up the brawl, which resulted in her getting hit with a piece of glass. Minnie was also included in the pre-recorded incident. According to TMZ, Ms. Juicy needed stitches and a CSAT scan following the incident.

Ms. Juicy Was Hospitalized On April 28, 2022

Fans of Ms. Juicy Baby were shocked to find out that she had been hospitalized last month after suffering a stroke. On April 29th, her team released a statement letting fans know that she was in ICU and in stable condition. “The family is thankful for all the prayers and are asking for you to respect their privacy at this time,” they said. Her public relations team shared another update on May 6th, stating the reality star is still in ICU, but wanted everyone to know she’s still the queen of Atlanta, boo.

Ms. Juicy’s Household and Medical Bills Are Piling Up

Fans of Ms. Juicy Baby now have more news about the beloved star and her condition. She has reportedly left ICU and is in a stable state but still has a ways to go before she’s back on her feet official.  In the meantime, the family is scrambling to pull funds to help cover her mounting hospital bills and living expenses while she’s not working. Her sister, Tanya Evans, started a GoFundMe to aid in this. 

Her initial description read, “Hi, my name is Tanya Evans, and I’m the sister of Shirlene King Pearson, whom you all know and love as Ms. Juicy Baby. Unfortunately, Shirlene suffered a stroke on Thursday, April 28, and has been in the ICU since.” 

Tanya has since updated the GoFundMe to let fans know that Juicy is out of the hospital and recovering but will still be needing the help. “What Google says a person’s net worth is does not equate to their personal needs. I’m not sure where that number came from. Anyways, my mother and I TRULY thank you for all of your support.”

There are conflicting reports relating to Ms. Juicy’s networth. Some sites are estimating the reality star is worth $2 million, while another site has it at $25 million. So far, Tanya has been able to raise 15k for her beloved sister. The goal is 25k. 

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