Ms. Juicy Trying To Recover, But Bills Are Pilling Up After Not Working Over One Month, GoFundMe Campaign Reaches $18K

Shirlene Pearson, better known as “Ms. Juicy Baby,” is on the road to recovery. If you had not heard, the Little Women: Atlanta star recently suffered from a stroke that left her in the ICU. But although she is now home, there is much more to be done before she’s entirely back on her feet.  

On April 29th, a statement was posted on Ms. Juicy’s Instagram page alerting her followers of the news that she was placed in the ICU but in a “stabilized” condition. Other than a request for privacy and prayers, no further details were provided. However, they assured fans that they would give any updates as they came. After a few weeks in the hospital, fans were given the promised update from Pearson’s team. “We can confirm that Ms. Juicy did suffer a stroke,” the statement read on May 9th. As a result, the former Rickey Smiley Morning Show correspondent will have to face a different journey to get back to a healthy state and move accordingly. “The journey ahead will not be easy,” the statement continued.

In order to offset specific medical and household bills, a GoFundMe page was set up by Ms. Juicy’s sister, Tanya Evans. However, various rumors began to materialize that questioned whether or not the fundraiser was a valid one or if Evans had been posing as Ms. Juicy’s family member. Some also started to spread that the family could afford it due to her half a million dollars reported net worth.

In an update to the GoFundMe page, Tanya Evans disputed the rumors. Insisting that she is Ms. Juicy’s “one and only blood sister,” Evans shared that the television personality was trying to focus on recovery and also stated that the rumors were false. “What Google says a person’s net worth is does not equate to their personal needs,” wrote Evans. She then claims to have no idea “where that number came from.” The fundraiser is currently sitting at over $18K out of its $25K goal.

It’s been a few weeks since Ms. Juicy made her exodus from the ICU, but she’s finally speaking for herself. In a recent video uploaded to her Instagram, she assured her fans that although she’s not at 100%. However, the “Queen of Atlanta” declared that she is indeed back, but “Shirlene” (who she describes as the “real side of her”) needs to live.

The television personality began to address the GoFundMe page and thanked everyone that donated to the page. “Yes, I am aware,” she stated. Ms. Juicy then gets candid about her financial situation and why it’s hard to afford her expenses. “I haven’t been able to work,” admitted Ms. Juicy. “So, there’s no money coming in.” Due to her month-long hospital stay, her finances took a hit. In the video, it is very apparent that she’s struggling to complete her sentences without issues with her breathing.  

Ms. Juicy implores her fans that the fundraiser is approved by her. “I still have a mortgage. I still have a life that has to be lived,” she shared. In addition, Pearson stated that she cannot expect to entirely depend on her family to support her financially. However, they’ve been going above and beyond.

We are praying for a swift and complete recovery for Ms. Juicy Baby!

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