Mother Of Tron Davis Jr. Speaks Out After Losing 14-Year-Old Son

The family of a 14-year-old boy has been living through the unthinkable after he lost his life earlier this year. Tron Davis was a happy-go-lucky teenager with so much promise ahead of him before an unfortunate incident snuffed it all away. His mother and family and eager for more answers in the case and have been speaking to the press about the ordeal.

Tron Davis was playing with friends in a local neighborhood when he his life taken on February 5th. Accounts from the day report a woman calling 911 while a young man can be heard in the background screaming. The incident took place at the complex on 2616 North Church St in Greensboro, North Carolina. “Somebody just came in there and [expletive] his friend,” the caller said to the officer. They reported that the boys were hanging out in the laundry room when it happened.

Davis’ mother believed she knew who was responsible claiming it was friend(s) of her son. Days later, another boy was reportedly taken into custody as a person of interest. The other child, a 13-year-old, has not been identified yet in the press. The boy was reportedly given an ankle monitor and let go not too long after. Tron’s mother, Stephanie Scott, says it feels like a slap in the face. “For the judge to give him an ankle monitor and send him home, I just don’t feel that’s right. My son is dead; he’s in an urn in his room; that kid is home in luxury.”

Tron’s family launched a GoFundMe Campaign to help lay the 14-year-old to rest. In the description of the campaign, the organizer shares, “the funds raised are to assist his mother Stephanie Scott to bury Tron. No amount is too small.” He was eventually laid to rest on February 18th. Tron is described as “a funny kid who always had a big smile on his face.” He loved fashion, music, and sports and always protected his family. His obituary read, “Tron enjoyed playing football and was ecstatic when he made the football team at Swann Middle School.”

His family is still pushing for answers. His mother says she finds comfort in knowing her son did not suffer.

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